Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's the Little Things: Enjoying Fall with My Girls

 Sometimes things just come to a screeching halt. I had just come out of the fog of Motherhood, and I was SO enjoying doing-all-the-things, and feeling a bit like myself again, creating, and excited to enjoy my favorite season and all that comes with it. Then... THE SICKNESS. It was almost a week ago that Bri and I got so. very. sick. to our stomachs. I was having some sort of post traumatic flashbacks to my days of Hypermesis with Liv... all day puking and never-ending nausea. It's only today that I'm feeling a bit more like myself... back among the living. I was starting to feel really disappointed that the Fall days were passing by without me. It was so discouraging.

I'm REALLY enjoying this link-up that Ashley and Jess began--it has truly given me a day of the week to stop, and reflect on all the little moments in my week that I am so GRATEFUL for. Even in the chaos of motherhood, these days are a gift. I'm thankful for this little space that I can record our memoes. I think it's easy to feel bogged down by the day-to-day stuff--toddler melt-downs in Target, breaking up endless arguments over Princess toys, and feeling like there's just so much to get done (and never enough time to do it all.) Even in the chaos of motherhood, these days are a gift. I'm thankful for this little space that I can record our memories, and remind myself of that.

This week, I'm enjoying long walks in the evening with my girls--the cool Fall weather and all the gorgeous colors make this Mama so very happy.  We stopped at a Little Free Library in our neighborhood, and picked out some Halloween books to read. My girls have been so excited for Halloween-well Hannah at least! Liv just tells me "Mou!" when I ask her what she'll be. We have quite a little collection of Halloween books and they bring them to me all day long to read. On our way home, we stopped to jump in a giant pile of gorgeous leaves that were just calling our name! Liv was so sad to leave. They each picked out a pretty leave--orange and yellow to take home--such sweet moments.

We're enjoying BASEBALL! I'm not sure if y'all have heard, but it is BLUE OCTOBER here in Kansas City. The Royals are in the World Series, and there has been a LOT of baseball on our TV! We've been keeping the girls busy coloring, playing with stickers, princess little people, and reading lots of books while the games are on. Miss Hannah yells, "Go Royals!" when all the grown-ups get excited and yell--so cute. We're so excited for the final game tonight! Go Royals! Take the Crown!

We're also enjoying new and old Fall traditions. I got to spend last Thursday with Miss Hannah at her Preschool's Pumpkin Day! I definitely got stuck in the "Pumpkin guts" center, which was a little interesting given how I felt, but it was so sweet to see her interacting with her little friends! We iced pumpkin cookies, did pumpkin volcanos, pumpkin play dough and a bunch of other adorable ideas.

Last night, we broke out the girls' new Mickey Mouse carving set, and carved up our big pumpkin into a Mickey-faced Jack-o-Lantern. Hannah was so excited and a little too interested, ha. She wanted to scrape, stab, and carve the thing herself! We kept the girls busy painting, while Brian and I cleaned it out, and began outlining the design. Liv was so stinkin' cute painting her tiny white pumpkin. She was very meticulous about what color she wanted and where the paint went.

We're getting very excited for all that this week holds for us! We're enjoying big bowls of Fall comfort food--soup, and I'm getting ready to bake pumpkin bread too! I'm busy planning the girls' Halloween party that will keep us busy on Friday morning. I also can NOT wait to see the girls in their costumes! Follow along over on Instagram if you want to see all the cuteness sooner. Have a great Halloween week y'all!

Leotard: H&M // Leggings: Target // Moccs: Freshly Picked // Bows: Sadie Sky Boutique

Sadie Sky Boutique

Monday, October 27, 2014

Custom Bedding for Twins!

A few months ago, I had the absolute privilege of sewing custom baby quilts and crib bumpers for a dear friend--who just happened to be pregnant with TWIN boys! We sat down at Starbucks and looked at patterns, and fabric and color combinations. I just love what she picked out. We went with the same pattern that I used for Liv's quilt HERE, and then we used gorgeous designer fabric from Spoonflower in Foxen Mint, Gold Polka Dots, and Arrows--Gray.

I just LOVED sewing for these sweet boys and I really like what Carrie did with the DIY chalkboard and the large metal letters above the cribs! Tate and Owen are so lucky to be born into such a sweet family! Of course I can't leave you without a picture of the babes--who can resist the cuteness overload of TWINS??

I'll be adding baby quilts in this pattern to the shop soon! If you are interested, please let me know if you'd like pricing information!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Changes for the Shop!

NEW leather garland:: coming soon to The Shop // custom print:: Teryn Robinson

It's been a really long-time dream of mine to have this little shop... a place where I can sell handmade things, and have some sort of creative outlet. I've always been an artist of some sort. At different points in my life, I poured my creative energy into different types of art. I poured myself into my painting in high school and college. I poured myself into my home when I was a newly wed. I would spend my free time envisioning how to make our tiny Southern Californian apartments cozy and inviting. When we moved back to Missouri, I poured myself into handmade bedding and nursery decor for Hannah. Then we moved into this house and I began throwing the kind of parties I'd always wanted to throw, and I was crafting all the time--for showers and birthdays, and sewing again and creating. There was a time when Liv was tiny that I did not feel so creative, and now that we're in such a good place again, I've got such a desire to turn my visions into reality. 

I think with all small handmade shops, your vision sort of changes and gets refined as you figure it all out. I've read countless articles on how to grow your business, and how to start small, using what you have, and then go from there. I've emailed successful shops and researched the best way to sell your goods, and it all boils down to what Elizabeth Ivie of Ivie Baby said in response to my questions; "If you build it, they will come." 

So I'm going to "build." I'm going to create the things that I enjoy making, and selling, and we'll see if the buyers come! Candace's Calling is going to become baby quilts, heirloom garlands and buntings. I've poured my profits so far back into the shop--lovely fabrics and materials! Some moments, I'm so excited I almost want to squeal, and others, I'm so nervous to really pour myself into something! 

Thank you to whoever is following along on my little handmade journey. I'd like to offer you all a discount as I try to clear out my previous inventory to make room for new items! Use code FREESHIP5 on anything over $5.00 to receive free shipping.

Have a lovely Fall weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's the Little Things: The things they say

These littles just CRACK ME UP lately! I can not believe some of the things they say. Miss Hannah obviously talks a lot more than Liv does, but when they're together it's even better. Today they were watching Octonauts on TV I asked Hannah what the fish was called and she said a Lion Fish. Then Liv started yelling "RAWRRR!"

When we picked Hannah up from preschool last week, aside from the usual squealing of "Mommy!" as she gleefully runs to the car, I asked her what she had for snack. "Pineapple." "Did you eat it?!" "No, (really dramatic pause) I DEVOURED it!" "Oh good! Did you like it?" "No." We'll never really know if she even tasted the pineapple.

"Hannah who do you play with at school?" "My friend boy Carson!" Who she talks about ALL THE TIME. We're in trouble. Also there are five boys in her class and only two girls. She never talks about the other girl. TROUBLE.

Liv has SUCH an expressive personality. She'll yell "NO!" even when she actually means yes, just to get a rise out of Brian and I. Most of the time when I ask her to do something, she'll say no, and just when I give her the look that means I mean business, she'll smile coyly and then come do what I asked. Her favorite things to say right now are, "go go!" which is usually her interesting version of "Let it go, " or she'll be singing "yock, yock, yock" while she rocks her babies. She also says, bubbles, "mou" for Minnie Mouse, "buuk" for book, "blay" for blanky, "nack" for snack, and a host of other Livisms. She's talking more and more everyday--which means we're at that phase where she'll have a whole conversation and I have NO idea what she's saying so I just smile and say "Is that so?" Please tell me I'm not alone in that Mamas?

Sometimes, Brian and I just look at each other and laugh after Hannah says something. Last Sunday morning, she told us that her baby Elmo was "very expressive about going to church." She didn't elaborate before walking away. That same Sunday, she threw up at lunch (IN PUBLIC) and after praying at dinner, she told Brian; "You forgot to pray about me barfing at First Watch! (the lunch place)" Later that evening, I was diffusing Essential Oils--to ward off whatever germs may have entered our home, and when she noticed I'd moved the diffuser upstairs, she said; "Oh no! Where's the blower so I don't barf like Sissy?!"

They just say the darnedest things don't they?

Tunics/leggings: Gap// Moccasins: Freshly Picked// Bows: Sadie Sky Boutique

Sadie Sky Boutique

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall trip to the Cider Mill

Fall is my most FAVORITE time of year. I'm sure it is for a lot of people. I mean, pumpkin spice everything, along with the cooler weather, bonfires, the leaves turning gorgeous colors... it's pretty much perfect. I got very excited to head to the pumpkin patch this year, especially since Liv is at such a fun age and I thought that it would be a fun family outing. We decided to drive a bit to the Louisburg Cider Mill, which, along with all their apple goodness, also boasts lots of fun activities for kids, hay rides, and a large pumpkin patch too.

I'm so incredibly thankful for baby-wearing--it was SO MUDDY from all the rain and the pumpkin patch was definitely a less than ideal situation. The stroller probably would have been stuck in the mud (like our van was before some nice people pushed us out.) I wore Liv and Brian ended up carrying Miss Hannah for most of the time. I will say, that grabbing a wheel barrow and actually making a plan, just might have helped a bit. We ended up wandering around in the mud and then deciding to just grab one of the beautiful pumpkins that they had gathered near the cider mill instead. 

In case you needed a laugh. This picture describes my children to the TEE. Hannah was yelling at Liv because she wouldn't hold her hand. She's such a little stinker. 

Another perfect shot--this is the amazing face Miss Hannah now makes when we tell her to smile for a picture.  I seriously died laughing.

The hot apple donuts and cider were seriously amazing. We finished off half a dozen in about five minutes... I'm pretty sure Liv ate three. I had a sparkling cider that was so good, and Hannah got a kids apple sipper in a cute little apple shaped cup with a twirly straw. We sat and enjoyed the gorgeous Fall weather and the girls played on the hay bales. They had viewing areas in the barns where the girls could see them making the cider. It smelled heavenly.

It ended up being such a fun outing. I was a little nervous when we were wandering around in the mud about a mile from food/restrooms, but making family memories like these are one of the many reasons I wanted to be a Mama in the first place. These little cuties were asleep about five minutes after we started the drive home... definitely a sign of a fun family outing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's the Little Things: The Way They Play

Sometimes when I watch Hannah play or talk to her sister, I feel like she is in her own little world. She's ALWAYS some sort of character and usually it's a very dramatic situation, like when she announced while in public, that her Bitty Baby, "Grace," had a blow-out and she started yelling; "There's poop everywhere! Oh Poor Grace! She's so messy!" I tried to quiet her down, but in Hannah's world, we HAD to change her baby's diaper immediately, because--the blow out Mom! Ugh.

Earlier in the Summer, we were on our way to Chick-fil-a to see Elsa and Anna during Frozen night, and she decided that her imaginary dog, "Fairy" needed to join us. When we arrived, I got both girls out of their carseats and we started walking across the parking lot, when she started screaming; "My dog! My dog! Mommy you left my dog! You left Fairy in the car Mom!" I'm sure all the people that were in a line wrapped around the building waiting to meet the princesses, were all thinking what a terrible person I was to leave my poor child's dog in the hot car to suffocate while we ate dinner. Awesome.

Miss Olivia is a whole different sort of child. Sometimes when Hannah is being dramatic and pretending that Liv is her dog/friend/baby or whatever else she's been assigned, I can SEE the annoyance on her face, and she'll just get up and walk away from Hannah. This usually ends with Hannah yelling "No Sissy! Come back! You're supposed to be doing ____ !"

Liv would much rather yell with excitement out the window at her pet Squirrel that lives in the tree in our backyard. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at lunchtime, she practically jumps out of her highchair, yelling; "Quirrel! Quirrel! Thereitis!" Then she hangs her head in sadness when Hannah tells her that it went home to eat it's acorns for lunch. It's pretty hilarious actually.

The rest of the time, Liv is quietly caring for her babies, or stirring something at their play kitchen. She'll take all her cheerios from her snack cup and pour them back and forth into different dishes and cups. She seems to be much more content to playing quietly by herself. The only time she gets herself into trouble is when she steals Hannah's baby Grace, or her purse and runs off through the house with them in the play stroller.

When they play together best, it's usually because EVERY SINGLE Little People toy is out all over their bedroom and they have lost themselves in the world of Snow white/Ariel/Noah's Ark. Sometimes they pull all the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals off their beds and decide to hide under the covers pretending to "sleep" which they think is hilarious. If only they would actually put themselves to bed that easily at night.

It's so nice that they are finally at an age where I can leave them to play in their room together and go try to get a few things done. I'm loving this stage and feeling like we are at such a good place right now with these little ladies!

Dresses/Headband: Little Hip Squeaks // Moccasins: Freshly Picked // Bow: Sadie Sky Boutique

Sadie Sky Boutique

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When you just have to laugh.

My little chefs cooking for me while I recovered. I spared you the picture of the eye patch. 

You know those days where every little thing... even the little stupid things, are just NOT going right? The last 48 hours has been a bit insane. I was gone most of the weekend celebrating a friend who is about to get married... dinner, bridal showers and staying in a cabin by the lake. To say I was tired by the time I got home on Sunday was a MAJOR understatement. I just wanted to collapse into bed.

Unfortunately, while I was contemplating a long hot shower, and watching the Royals game, Liv wanted to play row-row your boat and some how scratched me in the eye with her tiny fingernail. Oh. My. Lawd. Y'all it was painful! One of our good friends is actually an eye surgeon and so we drive to his house (after calling my Mama to come stay with the girls.) He put some ointment on it and patched it, but said we'd have to wait till morning to see how it does. Luckily it was much better in the morning, but I still felt like I had an eyelash permanently stuck in there-yuck.

I then had about a million errands to run, posts to write, orders to ship for the shop, etc... And all I've wanted to do is sleep. My dear Mama came to help a bit, and just when I was feeling ready to tackle some stuff, I realized we had nothing but pancakes to eat for dinner, and then Hannah fell and hit her head in the coffee table, causing a big ol' goose egg and lots of blood. After finally getting the kiddos to bed, cranking out some sewing and making a monster to-do list for today, I crashed hard.  I woke up, pulled Hannah's hair into a pony-tail and prayed that you couldn't see the crusty blood spot... AWESOME parenting right there.

 I was determined to have a MUCH better day today, but when Liv's diaper (#2) leaked all over my couch first thing in the morning, I knew we were off to a bad start. We headed to Trader Joes, and of course I missed my exit and started panicking that I wouldn't make it to pick up Hannah from Preschool on time. After making it (by the minute) to pick her up, we headed home to unload the car. The girls were pulling everything out of the grocery bags, "helping" and I usually don't mind. Today, through, it ended up looking like a tornado swept through my kitchen! I spent a half hour looking for a bag of carrots and a box of cereal, only to later discover that my sweet 3yr old had put them in the sink full of soapy water. She said there was no more room left on the counter. Of course there wasn't.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, excuse me while I go ship off three orders, throw some dinner in the crock pot, and then drink a BIG OL' LATTE to get me to bedtime tonight... Amen?