Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Olivia Grace {weeks 21-24}

I simply can not believe that we've had our Livi-loo for 5 whole months! She is doing new things each day and growing up so fast! At 21 weeks, she laughed at her Daddy for the first time. She's always giving us a big cheesy grin, but this was an actual chuckle. She reaches for everything and puts it all in her mouth. We started letting her chew on Mum-mums (rice husks) while we eat dinner and she devours them, leaving soggy rice bits everywhere... sometimes all over her face. It's adorable. You reach for our food, and Hannah says; "No no Sissy! You have milk!"

Halloween was so much fun this year... she didn't seem to mind her bunny costume too much, and even went around the block with us to "Trick-or-Treat." She was nice and warm and our neighbor called her a "butterball baby." She still only wants Mama and cries a lot when I'm not right there with her at all times... it's difficult, but I'm just glad I can soothe my baby girl. She's still eating every 3hrs during the day and can go 5-6hrs at night (thank you Lord!)

She still requires lots of sleep, and is pretty grumpy when she isn't well-rested. We don't mind. Mama can rock her to sleep pretty quickly, but she gives Daddy a run for his money. She's wearing the same size diaper as Hannah (craziness.) At 5mo she wears Hannah's 9/10mo clothes. She HATES her car seat, which makes going anywhere a little nerve-wracking. I even bought a mirror that lights up and plays music and she still screams. Hannah says; "It's okay Sissy, don't cry" on repeat the whole drive.

Our Liv just adores her big sister. She's constantly watching Hannah and smiling at her--even giggling when Hannah acts silly and gives hugs and kisses. It's so precious to watch the two of them interact. Soon enough Liv will be crawling after her Sister. She's already trying to scoot and rotating 180 degrees on her quilt when we play on the floor. She tries to sit up in her bathtub and her rock-n-play... meaning we'll be transitioning to the crib shortly for her safety. I'll miss my baby girl being within arms reach and pray the transition is a smooth one!

Hannah's Photo Project HERE.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Olivia Grace {weeks 17-20}

Our sweet Liv... still loves to be swaddled up tight to sleep. I love to rock her in the evenings, such precious moments. Sometimes I sneak in an afternoon nap with her too. She's our good little sleeper... such a change from Hannah, and such a blessing. Mama is getting a good 6hr stretch of sleep, followed by a few more hours usually!

We borrowed a jumpy from a friend and she LOVES it. She spends so much time happily jumping away, always smiling and playing with the toys attached! She squeals with delight and Mama can now cook dinner with out bouncing her on my hip! She weighed 14lbs at 18weeks! She's in the 55th percentile for everything, and didn't even cry at her checkup!

I'm so thankful for this sweet girl... she's developing such a fun personality! She keeps me on my toes most of the time, but her smiles melt me completely. I'm also so thankful for our special time together nursing and rocking. It forces me to stop, take a time-out, and breathe a bit before tackling the next few hours. Such a sweet gift to have that relationship with her too.

Bri took the day off one week to take us to the Pumpkin patch and Liv was such a good baby! She loves to be held, and worn in her Beco! She was all smiles and even let Hannah try to "hold" her for a few pumpkin pictures! We are so enjoying our happy baby!