Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When you just have to laugh.

My little chefs cooking for me while I recovered. I spared you the picture of the eye patch. 

You know those days where every little thing... even the little stupid things, are just NOT going right? The last 48 hours has been a bit insane. I was gone most of the weekend celebrating a friend who is about to get married... dinner, bridal showers and staying in a cabin by the lake. To say I was tired by the time I got home on Sunday was a MAJOR understatement. I just wanted to collapse into bed.

Unfortunately, while I was contemplating a long hot shower, and watching the Royals game, Liv wanted to play row-row your boat and some how scratched me in the eye with her tiny fingernail. Oh. My. Lawd. Y'all it was painful! One of our good friends is actually an eye surgeon and so we drive to his house (after calling my Mama to come stay with the girls.) He put some ointment on it and patched it, but said we'd have to wait till morning to see how it does. Luckily it was much better in the morning, but I still felt like I had an eyelash permanently stuck in there-yuck.

I then had about a million errands to run, posts to write, orders to ship for the shop, etc... And all I've wanted to do is sleep. My dear Mama came to help a bit, and just when I was feeling ready to tackle some stuff, I realized we had nothing but pancakes to eat for dinner, and then Hannah fell and hit her head in the coffee table, causing a big ol' goose egg and lots of blood. After finally getting the kiddos to bed, cranking out some sewing and making a monster to-do list for today, I crashed hard.  I woke up, pulled Hannah's hair into a pony-tail and prayed that you couldn't see the crusty blood spot... AWESOME parenting right there.

 I was determined to have a MUCH better day today, but when Liv's diaper (#2) leaked all over my couch first thing in the morning, I knew we were off to a bad start. We headed to Trader Joes, and of course I missed my exit and started panicking that I wouldn't make it to pick up Hannah from Preschool on time. After making it (by the minute) to pick her up, we headed home to unload the car. The girls were pulling everything out of the grocery bags, "helping" and I usually don't mind. Today, through, it ended up looking like a tornado swept through my kitchen! I spent a half hour looking for a bag of carrots and a box of cereal, only to later discover that my sweet 3yr old had put them in the sink full of soapy water. She said there was no more room left on the counter. Of course there wasn't.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, excuse me while I go ship off three orders, throw some dinner in the crock pot, and then drink a BIG OL' LATTE to get me to bedtime tonight... Amen?  

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