Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Olivia Grace {weeks 49-52}

Oh my goodness how time has flown! I can't believe this is the LAST of the picture project posts! I have been enjoying my sweet Liv more and more everyday and I feel like all the fun with her is just getting started! At 49 weeks she really picked up the speed while walking! She was suddenly ready to be on-the-go at all times! She LOVES "baby Max" the doll that Hannah carried around for a good year. Olivia has to be mothering some sort of doll or stuffed friend at all times. She kisses them and pats them and it is SO STINKIN' PRECIOUS! She also loves Little People and is constantly playing the music on all the little houses we have. She'll push the button and then shake her little booty and dance... kills me! She doesn't have much interest in TV when Hannah is watching something... that is except when Mickey is on! She points and wants to know all the characters' names and watches intently. Good thing we're heading to Disney this fall! 

At 50 weeks, we headed to Mansfield to visit dear friends for a long weekend. Poor girl puked in the car as we pulled into the driveway after the 3 1/2 hour drive down. Then BOTH girls were sick, pukey, and grumpy for most of the weekend. We left early and got home in time for Mama to catch it too... bummer. Liv was still super cute with her bud Vivi though. They are 4mo apart and spent their time stealing each others' dolls and all the attention too! This week our sweet girl got her top two teeth for a total of 4 now, and has began holding her hands up for you to hold her ALL THE TIME. I really don't mind-especially since my baby is growing up too fast! 

At 51 weeks, poor Liv had the sickies still... which usually means lots of extra cuddles! If she has Mama, binky and blanket, she's usually pretty content.  She started doing better in the car when Mama passes her snacks-her favorite are veggie straws. She's trying lots of new foods lately! She wants whatever Hannah has, and can usually eat more than her sister too-ha! She's not very interested in fresh fruit, which is bizarre to us, considering Hannah would eat pints of it at a time. She's into popcorn, Mama's scones, spaghetti, and NURSING. I didn't think her little two-toothed smile could get any cuter, but now that her top teeth are in... oh goodness it's cute!  She usually goes from making a sassy, grumpy face to a big cheesy grin in a split-second- SUCH personality! 

The last week of her first year... so bitter sweet. She had such a good week, was super happy and walking all over the house laughing at everything. She points to everything and wants to know what it is called or hold/touch it. She does several hand gestures for "all done," "open," "ni-night," "bye-bye," etc. She loves to steal whatever I'm eating--especially anything sweet! She may have inherited my sweet tooth :) She uses some new words... Papa, Gramma, "bup" (up), and tries to say "that," "please," and "dance." My FAVORITE thing our Livi does is repeat animal sounds. She'll tell you what the Doggie, Kitty-cat, and Elephant say... in THAT order, and she spits all over when she does the elephant. It's precious! We are so in love with this sweet girl. I still don't know where a whole year went, but I'm so excited for this next one. This is my FAVORITE age, and I'm enjoying everyday with our second little blessing.