Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's the Little Things: The things they say

These littles just CRACK ME UP lately! I can not believe some of the things they say. Miss Hannah obviously talks a lot more than Liv does, but when they're together it's even better. Today they were watching Octonauts on TV I asked Hannah what the fish was called and she said a Lion Fish. Then Liv started yelling "RAWRRR!"

When we picked Hannah up from preschool last week, aside from the usual squealing of "Mommy!" as she gleefully runs to the car, I asked her what she had for snack. "Pineapple." "Did you eat it?!" "No, (really dramatic pause) I DEVOURED it!" "Oh good! Did you like it?" "No." We'll never really know if she even tasted the pineapple.

"Hannah who do you play with at school?" "My friend boy Carson!" Who she talks about ALL THE TIME. We're in trouble. Also there are five boys in her class and only two girls. She never talks about the other girl. TROUBLE.

Liv has SUCH an expressive personality. She'll yell "NO!" even when she actually means yes, just to get a rise out of Brian and I. Most of the time when I ask her to do something, she'll say no, and just when I give her the look that means I mean business, she'll smile coyly and then come do what I asked. Her favorite things to say right now are, "go go!" which is usually her interesting version of "Let it go, " or she'll be singing "yock, yock, yock" while she rocks her babies. She also says, bubbles, "mou" for Minnie Mouse, "buuk" for book, "blay" for blanky, "nack" for snack, and a host of other Livisms. She's talking more and more everyday--which means we're at that phase where she'll have a whole conversation and I have NO idea what she's saying so I just smile and say "Is that so?" Please tell me I'm not alone in that Mamas?

Sometimes, Brian and I just look at each other and laugh after Hannah says something. Last Sunday morning, she told us that her baby Elmo was "very expressive about going to church." She didn't elaborate before walking away. That same Sunday, she threw up at lunch (IN PUBLIC) and after praying at dinner, she told Brian; "You forgot to pray about me barfing at First Watch! (the lunch place)" Later that evening, I was diffusing Essential Oils--to ward off whatever germs may have entered our home, and when she noticed I'd moved the diffuser upstairs, she said; "Oh no! Where's the blower so I don't barf like Sissy?!"

They just say the darnedest things don't they?

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall trip to the Cider Mill

Fall is my most FAVORITE time of year. I'm sure it is for a lot of people. I mean, pumpkin spice everything, along with the cooler weather, bonfires, the leaves turning gorgeous colors... it's pretty much perfect. I got very excited to head to the pumpkin patch this year, especially since Liv is at such a fun age and I thought that it would be a fun family outing. We decided to drive a bit to the Louisburg Cider Mill, which, along with all their apple goodness, also boasts lots of fun activities for kids, hay rides, and a large pumpkin patch too.

I'm so incredibly thankful for baby-wearing--it was SO MUDDY from all the rain and the pumpkin patch was definitely a less than ideal situation. The stroller probably would have been stuck in the mud (like our van was before some nice people pushed us out.) I wore Liv and Brian ended up carrying Miss Hannah for most of the time. I will say, that grabbing a wheel barrow and actually making a plan, just might have helped a bit. We ended up wandering around in the mud and then deciding to just grab one of the beautiful pumpkins that they had gathered near the cider mill instead. 

In case you needed a laugh. This picture describes my children to the TEE. Hannah was yelling at Liv because she wouldn't hold her hand. She's such a little stinker. 

Another perfect shot--this is the amazing face Miss Hannah now makes when we tell her to smile for a picture.  I seriously died laughing.

The hot apple donuts and cider were seriously amazing. We finished off half a dozen in about five minutes... I'm pretty sure Liv ate three. I had a sparkling cider that was so good, and Hannah got a kids apple sipper in a cute little apple shaped cup with a twirly straw. We sat and enjoyed the gorgeous Fall weather and the girls played on the hay bales. They had viewing areas in the barns where the girls could see them making the cider. It smelled heavenly.

It ended up being such a fun outing. I was a little nervous when we were wandering around in the mud about a mile from food/restrooms, but making family memories like these are one of the many reasons I wanted to be a Mama in the first place. These little cuties were asleep about five minutes after we started the drive home... definitely a sign of a fun family outing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's the Little Things: The Way They Play

Sometimes when I watch Hannah play or talk to her sister, I feel like she is in her own little world. She's ALWAYS some sort of character and usually it's a very dramatic situation, like when she announced while in public, that her Bitty Baby, "Grace," had a blow-out and she started yelling; "There's poop everywhere! Oh Poor Grace! She's so messy!" I tried to quiet her down, but in Hannah's world, we HAD to change her baby's diaper immediately, because--the blow out Mom! Ugh.

Earlier in the Summer, we were on our way to Chick-fil-a to see Elsa and Anna during Frozen night, and she decided that her imaginary dog, "Fairy" needed to join us. When we arrived, I got both girls out of their carseats and we started walking across the parking lot, when she started screaming; "My dog! My dog! Mommy you left my dog! You left Fairy in the car Mom!" I'm sure all the people that were in a line wrapped around the building waiting to meet the princesses, were all thinking what a terrible person I was to leave my poor child's dog in the hot car to suffocate while we ate dinner. Awesome.

Miss Olivia is a whole different sort of child. Sometimes when Hannah is being dramatic and pretending that Liv is her dog/friend/baby or whatever else she's been assigned, I can SEE the annoyance on her face, and she'll just get up and walk away from Hannah. This usually ends with Hannah yelling "No Sissy! Come back! You're supposed to be doing ____ !"

Liv would much rather yell with excitement out the window at her pet Squirrel that lives in the tree in our backyard. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at lunchtime, she practically jumps out of her highchair, yelling; "Quirrel! Quirrel! Thereitis!" Then she hangs her head in sadness when Hannah tells her that it went home to eat it's acorns for lunch. It's pretty hilarious actually.

The rest of the time, Liv is quietly caring for her babies, or stirring something at their play kitchen. She'll take all her cheerios from her snack cup and pour them back and forth into different dishes and cups. She seems to be much more content to playing quietly by herself. The only time she gets herself into trouble is when she steals Hannah's baby Grace, or her purse and runs off through the house with them in the play stroller.

When they play together best, it's usually because EVERY SINGLE Little People toy is out all over their bedroom and they have lost themselves in the world of Snow white/Ariel/Noah's Ark. Sometimes they pull all the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals off their beds and decide to hide under the covers pretending to "sleep" which they think is hilarious. If only they would actually put themselves to bed that easily at night.

It's so nice that they are finally at an age where I can leave them to play in their room together and go try to get a few things done. I'm loving this stage and feeling like we are at such a good place right now with these little ladies!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When you just have to laugh.

My little chefs cooking for me while I recovered. I spared you the picture of the eye patch. 

You know those days where every little thing... even the little stupid things, are just NOT going right? The last 48 hours has been a bit insane. I was gone most of the weekend celebrating a friend who is about to get married... dinner, bridal showers and staying in a cabin by the lake. To say I was tired by the time I got home on Sunday was a MAJOR understatement. I just wanted to collapse into bed.

Unfortunately, while I was contemplating a long hot shower, and watching the Royals game, Liv wanted to play row-row your boat and some how scratched me in the eye with her tiny fingernail. Oh. My. Lawd. Y'all it was painful! One of our good friends is actually an eye surgeon and so we drive to his house (after calling my Mama to come stay with the girls.) He put some ointment on it and patched it, but said we'd have to wait till morning to see how it does. Luckily it was much better in the morning, but I still felt like I had an eyelash permanently stuck in there-yuck.

I then had about a million errands to run, posts to write, orders to ship for the shop, etc... And all I've wanted to do is sleep. My dear Mama came to help a bit, and just when I was feeling ready to tackle some stuff, I realized we had nothing but pancakes to eat for dinner, and then Hannah fell and hit her head in the coffee table, causing a big ol' goose egg and lots of blood. After finally getting the kiddos to bed, cranking out some sewing and making a monster to-do list for today, I crashed hard.  I woke up, pulled Hannah's hair into a pony-tail and prayed that you couldn't see the crusty blood spot... AWESOME parenting right there.

 I was determined to have a MUCH better day today, but when Liv's diaper (#2) leaked all over my couch first thing in the morning, I knew we were off to a bad start. We headed to Trader Joes, and of course I missed my exit and started panicking that I wouldn't make it to pick up Hannah from Preschool on time. After making it (by the minute) to pick her up, we headed home to unload the car. The girls were pulling everything out of the grocery bags, "helping" and I usually don't mind. Today, through, it ended up looking like a tornado swept through my kitchen! I spent a half hour looking for a bag of carrots and a box of cereal, only to later discover that my sweet 3yr old had put them in the sink full of soapy water. She said there was no more room left on the counter. Of course there wasn't.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, excuse me while I go ship off three orders, throw some dinner in the crock pot, and then drink a BIG OL' LATTE to get me to bedtime tonight... Amen?  

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Friday! {and a GIVEAWAY!}

Happy Friday! I don't know about you all, but this was a crazy busy week! We had so much going on that I may actually go to bed when my kiddos do tonight! (Probably not, because-- Hello, grown-up television and ice cream calling my name!) Anyway, in addition to normal business; Bible Study, Dentist Appt, Trip to Trader Joes, Preschool, the Zoo, etc., WE BOUGHT A CAR!

This Mama is officially rocking a Mini-van, and let me tell you that I am not hanging my head in shame... it is SWEET! The storage and roomy-ness alone is awesome, but the remote control power doors... definitely sealed the deal. Let's hope that Liv loves it as much as I do, and ends her 30+min long screaming from the back seat. Amen?

Well I'm off to drive Miss Hannah to dance class in style, but make sure you stop by over at A + Life and wish Courtney a very Happy Birthday! I'm sponsoring again this month, and there is also an AWESOME giveaway with 3 of her favorite things (mine too!) Enter with the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends at Midnight tonight!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's the Little Things: Sister Love

My girls. It's funny how just saying that phrase lately leads me to a teary eyed sentimental feeling. I never pictured myself with girls. I'm not sure why, but when we were first pregnant with Hannah, I wanted a boy. I told myself that one of ME was more than enough for one household, ha. That feeling immediately melted away when I saw my sweet baby girl on that monitor, and now, I can't picture my life without these little ladies. They are at the most wonderful stage right now--their love for each other is such a gift from God. Sure I spend my days breaking up little arguments over toys and hair-pulling, but when they snuggle up or give each other hugs and kisses... it's pure gold.

Miss Hannah is still as sweet as ever-always wearing her feelings on her shoulder. She makes friends easily, and is just as polite and dainty as she has been her whole three years. She has an amazing memory and walks around quoting books and her favorite Disney movies all day long. We are always given a character to play in her little world, and we think someday she will be an actress or dancer. She's crazy smart, and I hear her reciting her bible verses from school from the backseat as we drive home. She can break my heart with her tears, and her sweet spirit reminds me to be gentle with the little souls I've been entrusted.

As much as my sweet girls surely look like sisters, they are as different as night and day. My Liv is has such a strong personality for someone who is only sixteen months old. She can be the sweetest, most loving baby, giving her 'Nana' a hug, and then push Hannah down three seconds later. She's got a will that won't be broken, and she knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it. I think that someday I will be so glad for her passion and her will, but as a toddler Mama, I am frequently brought to frustration when simple tasks become so difficult. I think that she is teaching me patience, and grace and that God gave her to me in order that I could grow and stretch and be humbled.

I love to watch Liv beam with joy when she sees that Hannah's outfit matches hers, or that her sister wants her to play with her and hold her hand. Hannah will say "Come on Sissy, we are going outside. Get your shoes," and Liv will run to the basket to try to put her shoes on, afraid she'll miss out on something great. My littlest love isn't quite sure what to do with herself with Hannah is at school. She gets very excited when it's time to pick her up. These girls say good night to each other with kisses and hugs and awake upset when one is not in her bed. I can see them years from now, sneaking in to sleep with each other when they finally get their own rooms. I am filing these happy thoughts away in the hopes that on the days when I feel worn out or when I have to break up another tug-of-war over a certain doll--I'll remember what a gift these sisters are.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Making our house a HOME {Our Bedroom}

Welcome to my house y'all. The lovely Miss Courtney invited me to show you around as a part of a tour through blogland. HERE's her super cute home here in Missouri.

We've lived here for 2 years in May, and we're slowly working through the house, painting and making it just-right. I'm pretty picky when it comes to decor and we like to do a lot of DIY projects as we go. We're currently re-doing our basement playroom/family room, and I'm really excited to show you all that, when it finally comes together. We also just got an IKEA here in Kansas City, so we'll finally be updating our living room, and other areas I've been waiting to finish.

HERE is an old sneak peek into our living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, and the old nursery.
HERE is our dining room--including the farmhouse table my Hubby built.

I decided to show you my favorite room in our house today, our master bedroom. When we moved in,  I really wanted to make our bedroom a priority. I wanted a room where I could relax, and retreat to at the end of the day. Unfourtunately, this room had ugly green roman shades, and a pickled-oak built in corner cabinet--yuck. My amazing Hubby ripped out the cabinet, only to reveal NO DRYWALL behind it. So he just bought some and put it up--LOVE that man. We painted the walls Blue Arrow by Valspar. It's such a calming shade of blue-grey.

We replaced the awful shades with white wood blinds from Home Depot, and the iron hardware, clips, and sheer curtains are all Pottery Barn. I have a love/hate relationship with Pottery Barn. I love that they sell exactly what I'm usually looking for, but I hate their prices. Anyway, the sheers let lots of amazing light into the room, but the blinds block it out when Mama needs to sneak off for a Sunday nap!

The iron bed, lamps, duvet cover and pillow shams are also from Pottery Barn. The nightstand on the left is an antique my Gramma bought and was my little sister's growing up. I wanted something similar not the other side, but not matching. I also wanted some storage of some kind, since we don't have a dresser. So Brian built me one. Like I said--LOVE that man.

This rocking chair sits in the corner to the right, and was in the nursery before we put up Hannah's toddler bed and Liv came along. I have sat in this chair and rocking and nursing my babies for hours and hours and hours in this chair. It is incredibly comfortable and has a matching ottoman too. We chose white because I could strip off the slipcover and bleach it when needed--that was a GENIUS move. Did y'all know that babies like to spit up? Well they do and this chair has held up wonderfully. Oh--it's from Pottery Barn Baby--shocking I know. The adorable pillow is from For the Love of Joy. 

Here's a close up of the book shelf Brian built me. It's currently holds my macbook, cookbooks and baby books. I bought the box and basket from Target to hold chargers, cords, etc. Anyone want to come style my shelves? I haven't quite figured out how to make them look pretty enough for all the hard work my hubby did, but gosh I love the paneling on the back! The magnetic frame on top is vintage Lisa Leonard

To the left is the door to the master bath. Someday, when I get the walls painted and the silver/gold combination hardware out of there, I'll show you that too. It has amazing natural light, a big jacuzzi tub and a stone stand alone shower. Heaven is what that bathroom feels like after my girls are in bed at night. 

I had the idea to do a chalkboard print wall for a long time, and slowly gathered these prints from all over the handmade world. Top to bottom they are Katy Girl Designs, Lindsay Letters, Recipe for Crazy, Rooted in Paper, Frenchpress mornings. The frames are all from Hobby Lobby and were 40% off--yay! This wall is full of truth and it encourages me every time I walk by. 

The shelf above our bed is from my late Grandmother's house. It holds one of my favorite wedding pictures, a lovely print from Little Light Prints, and some antique Ball mason jars that I collect. All the frames are from Hobby Lobby. 

I love that this room has a vaulted ceiling, and a fan with 2 dimmer lights. Unfortunately, sometimes the light/fan becomes possessed and comes on by itself in the middle of the night--scared me to DEATH the first couple times I woke up to the fan on high and both lights on at 3am, but now we just laugh about it. I forgot to tell my parents when they stayed with my girls and slept in there--and maybe I had a good laugh at their expense too.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! I hope you'll follow along as I post more rooms in the near future. Have a great day!