Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's the Little Things: The Way They Play

Sometimes when I watch Hannah play or talk to her sister, I feel like she is in her own little world. She's ALWAYS some sort of character and usually it's a very dramatic situation, like when she announced while in public, that her Bitty Baby, "Grace," had a blow-out and she started yelling; "There's poop everywhere! Oh Poor Grace! She's so messy!" I tried to quiet her down, but in Hannah's world, we HAD to change her baby's diaper immediately, because--the blow out Mom! Ugh.

Earlier in the Summer, we were on our way to Chick-fil-a to see Elsa and Anna during Frozen night, and she decided that her imaginary dog, "Fairy" needed to join us. When we arrived, I got both girls out of their carseats and we started walking across the parking lot, when she started screaming; "My dog! My dog! Mommy you left my dog! You left Fairy in the car Mom!" I'm sure all the people that were in a line wrapped around the building waiting to meet the princesses, were all thinking what a terrible person I was to leave my poor child's dog in the hot car to suffocate while we ate dinner. Awesome.

Miss Olivia is a whole different sort of child. Sometimes when Hannah is being dramatic and pretending that Liv is her dog/friend/baby or whatever else she's been assigned, I can SEE the annoyance on her face, and she'll just get up and walk away from Hannah. This usually ends with Hannah yelling "No Sissy! Come back! You're supposed to be doing ____ !"

Liv would much rather yell with excitement out the window at her pet Squirrel that lives in the tree in our backyard. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at lunchtime, she practically jumps out of her highchair, yelling; "Quirrel! Quirrel! Thereitis!" Then she hangs her head in sadness when Hannah tells her that it went home to eat it's acorns for lunch. It's pretty hilarious actually.

The rest of the time, Liv is quietly caring for her babies, or stirring something at their play kitchen. She'll take all her cheerios from her snack cup and pour them back and forth into different dishes and cups. She seems to be much more content to playing quietly by herself. The only time she gets herself into trouble is when she steals Hannah's baby Grace, or her purse and runs off through the house with them in the play stroller.

When they play together best, it's usually because EVERY SINGLE Little People toy is out all over their bedroom and they have lost themselves in the world of Snow white/Ariel/Noah's Ark. Sometimes they pull all the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals off their beds and decide to hide under the covers pretending to "sleep" which they think is hilarious. If only they would actually put themselves to bed that easily at night.

It's so nice that they are finally at an age where I can leave them to play in their room together and go try to get a few things done. I'm loving this stage and feeling like we are at such a good place right now with these little ladies!

Dresses/Headband: Little Hip Squeaks // Moccasins: Freshly Picked // Bow: Sadie Sky Boutique

Sadie Sky Boutique


  1. Sweetest sisters!! They are beautiful (and I love their outfits!)
    This is the cutest post on their little personalities! Hannah sounds like a riot, ha ha! And Olivia sounds like such a sweetheart!
    I hope I can give Mia a sister someday!! I want her to have a relationship like this!

    1. Thanks Courtney! I had a amazing sister relationship growing up, and I love that my girls experience that. We want more kiddos, so we'll see what the mix looks like if/when we add a boy in there ;)