Friday, May 18, 2012


I know I've said it before, but I seriously LOVE Instagram. It keeps a great list of memories in photo-form and Bri and I are planning to make an Insta-Yearbook of our life at the end of each year. Here's a great little peek into what's been happening recently...

Date Night with the Hubby... LOVE him.

Our Dinner... Mac & Cheese with BBQ Burnt Ends on top... Holy Cow. YUM!

Sweet Girl LOVES her Daddy.

Antiquing with Miss Lindsey... They heart each other! 

Had to fix the cushion cover on my Pottery Barn Couch... Grr.

Lovebug LOVES swim lessons!

We love to nap together... Daddy took our picture.... sneaky.

All packed up and saying Buh-Bye to our last apartment!

We just bought a house!

Woke up to this on Mother's Day... PERFECT.

20 hilarious takes later... Mother's Day pic before heading to Sushi!

The view from our back porch... Lovely.

Vintage finds at the local Antique shops.

Baby girl can WALK!

Have a great weekend y'all! I'll be chasing this one around the New House!
life rearranged

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Picture Project Weeks 41-44

Oh Goodness it's been a while! We're all moved into our new home as of last Saturday! (Hence the month long hiatus from blogging.) I'm so excited to show you all pictures of our sweet house... a dream come true! More on that later. In the meantime... this little Lovebug is stealing our hearts more & more each day & is up to all sorts of new things!

At her "9 month" well check-up she was almost 10months and still only 15lbs! Such a teeny, tiny little thing! She had reached all your 12mo skills though, so as we suspected,  she's a smart cookie! We're hoping for a full-ride scholarship just like her Daddy!

On April 18th, (I will never forget this) she slept TWELVE hours! She goes to bed at 8:30 and sleeps until 8, only nursing at 5 or 6am! She's been doing this every night since then and Mama & Daddy are so very, very happy about this! Mama is starting to feel like a new person, and I'm able to enjoy her so much more when I'm well rested! (There still are a few random early mornings here and there, but overall, she's doing LOADS better)

Lovebug has stopped eating most baby food, except for the Earth's Best noodle soups, and such. She loves tortillas, all kinds of pasta, fruit (especially Mango), Vegetables (peas!) &  Earth's Best crackers and snacks! She eats a smoothie for breakfast with some O's, lunch and dinner are what we're eating, and then nurses 5 or 6 times a day.

She's still obsessed with Elmo (Since she was 6 mo old)... it's hilarious. Wherever we are if she sees an Elmo toy or video, she points or smiles really big & claps! 9am is Sesame Street in our house and Lovebug stops whatever she's doing to sit and watch while cuddling with Mama.

She also LOVES to read! Bringing Mama & Daddy the same books over and over is her favorite! She must now have her little pink and white bear rattle EVERYWHERE.... to nurse, read, watch Elmo, in the car, etc. If the world is ending... Bear must be there. (Also... Mama bought a back-up... so I can wash the other one. It was getting gross!)

Lovebug is quite the sassy child lately... her faces are so funny, but it's hard for Mama and Daddy no to laugh when we're trying to scold her... she going to be so very spoiled. Of course her new favorite thing to say is "No no no!" We also taught her to say Donut "Doe Doe", and she says "Naenae" (her Auntie) & recently "Ticka Ducka Ticka Ducka"... We have NO idea what that means but it's pretty hilarious.

She's all girl this one! She carries around her "baby" which is a baby Pooh bear with a diaper on and and swaddled in a blanky.... She'll give it & everyone else kisses and hugs on demand, and if she really likes you, she'll do it without asking! 

Most importantly... Baby girl WALKED on Monday night! She took four little steps and we caught it on video! (I'll post that soon) Crazy, tiny 10mo walking! She's been standing around without holding onto anything for a while, but she finally decided to show off her skills! We're so proud & we love her so very much!