Friday, October 24, 2014

Changes for the Shop!

NEW leather garland:: coming soon to The Shop // custom print:: Teryn Robinson

It's been a really long-time dream of mine to have this little shop... a place where I can sell handmade things, and have some sort of creative outlet. I've always been an artist of some sort. At different points in my life, I poured my creative energy into different types of art. I poured myself into my painting in high school and college. I poured myself into my home when I was a newly wed. I would spend my free time envisioning how to make our tiny Southern Californian apartments cozy and inviting. When we moved back to Missouri, I poured myself into handmade bedding and nursery decor for Hannah. Then we moved into this house and I began throwing the kind of parties I'd always wanted to throw, and I was crafting all the time--for showers and birthdays, and sewing again and creating. There was a time when Liv was tiny that I did not feel so creative, and now that we're in such a good place again, I've got such a desire to turn my visions into reality. 

I think with all small handmade shops, your vision sort of changes and gets refined as you figure it all out. I've read countless articles on how to grow your business, and how to start small, using what you have, and then go from there. I've emailed successful shops and researched the best way to sell your goods, and it all boils down to what Elizabeth Ivie of Ivie Baby said in response to my questions; "If you build it, they will come." 

So I'm going to "build." I'm going to create the things that I enjoy making, and selling, and we'll see if the buyers come! Candace's Calling is going to become baby quilts, heirloom garlands and buntings. I've poured my profits so far back into the shop--lovely fabrics and materials! Some moments, I'm so excited I almost want to squeal, and others, I'm so nervous to really pour myself into something! 

Thank you to whoever is following along on my little handmade journey. I'd like to offer you all a discount as I try to clear out my previous inventory to make room for new items! Use code FREESHIP5 on anything over $5.00 to receive free shipping.

Have a lovely Fall weekend!


  1. So excited for u!!!! Also - got my garland in the mail, going to do the giveaway next week!! It is beautiful!!

  2. Cannot wait for the leather garlands...I need one for sure!!! And quilts?! Amazing! So happy for you, mama! I know you're going to do great!!!!

  3. Girl, you are so talented!! You have nothing to be nervous about! The ones that you feel like you're putting yourself out there with, are the ones that will be everyone's favorite! I'm so excited for you to be making this a dream come true! You deserve it!
    If you ever want help spreading the word about your shop, or host a giveaway or something, let me know!