Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday #10... Some amazing reads!

With the holidays over & feeling a bit  "normal," I'm excited to bring back WGW's & showcase some of the amazing blogs I read while I drink my 3 cups of coffee decaf tea every morning...

Ashley @ Under the Sycamore...

This blog is full of beautiful pictures of Ashley's adorable kiddos & life as a Mama of 4! She's a crafty diva and it's a delight to wake up and read her blog each day!

Emily @ The Anderson Family Crew...

Emily's also has 4 adorable kiddos & another on the way from Ethiopia! She's a fun Mama with such great style! Her blog always brightens my day!

Allison @ O My Family...

This is one of new favorite blogs! Allison writes about motherhood with such honesty and as I'm heading into that role, it's great to read her journey as Mama of a little one & one on the way!

There are so many more that I frequent each day, but here's a great start! You must check out these ladies out as you're sitting down with your morning cup! They won't disappoint!


  1. Hi Candace-- Hope you are feeling good! Happy New Year...

  2. hi! thanks for the nice words about my blog :)

    happy new year to you!