Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mama the Memory Keeper

I have this desire, almost a conviction... to be the memory keeper for our family. I hear a lot recently on blogs that I read "tell your family's story." That's what I want to do... more in this space than I have before, and in more permanent ways for my children.

When Lovebug was born, I started writing down EVERYTHING. My nightstand was full of notes and papers, my computer with word docs of memories and events and pictures that I never wanted to forget! Glimpses of my sweet life as a Mama and the hard times we've made it through too.

{Shutterfly 12x12 First Year Scrapbook}

I decided that along with a "first year" digital scrapbook for each of our little ones, I would make a yearbook of our family's life... The everyday moments- good and bad- how we spend our days. I have fallen in love with Instagram for that reason- ONE place to keep all those pictures-with descriptions of what was happening at that moment. I had them printed in a book to share with our kids. We want to do this each year- to really see what life was like at that time.

{screenshot of Shutterfly 8x12 Family Yearbook...currently being shipped}

I also have these wonderful letters to our girl- things I want her to know that I was feeling, and stories of her days spent with me. I ordered a hardback moleskin journal- an idea I got from {Ashley Ann} and I wrote all the stories, events and details of our sweet baby's life so far. Now that I'm caught up- I want to be able to jot down the little things that happen- precious moments I want to remember forever and pass on to her. I'm buying one for Baby Sissy too-and each of our children after... such an easy way of remembering the details- the important stuff without a complicated baby book or having to keep several books updated.

{Moleskine hardback journal}

So what ways to you keep your family's memories? Pictures? Do you feel the conviction to write it all down and to tell your story some way?

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