Monday, May 27, 2013

My {Tiny} Big Girl...

Sweet, sweet Lovebug. The sunshine in my days. I truly feel so very blessed to mother this child.
She loves to cuddle up and watch movies with Mama at night, and run around in the backyard with Daddy after dinner. She tells me what's she'd like for lunch each day... usually "Jay" (PB&J) with fruit and yogurt. She tells Daddy to play his "Tar" (guitar), "sing! Cheesus!" each time we meet with our Church Growth Group and Worship. These precious moments are so fleeting and I want to quickly write them all down before I forget.

Our days are not all rose-colored and full of sugary moments. Sometimes she gets upset when we say "no" and lays on the ground face first. Some days she's very sad and cries and needs extra cuddles when Mama's got a million things to do, but that is just life. I still feel blessed to do this job... it's such an important one.

These last few weeks she has grown up so much... she's doing so many big girl things. I want to hold her and squeeze her and rock her forever. Yet, when I stop and watch what my baby girl is doing, she's typically rocking HER baby and patting his bottom and feeding him a bottle. She's counting to 20, and putting all her ABC puzzle pieces where they go. She's trying to put her own shoes on, and leaving her binky in the crib all day. They say that they grow up fast... so very true. So I'll keep taking pictures of sweet moments, and trying in vain to write it all down.

We'll have TWO sweet girls soon (4 weeks!) and this Mama's heart is full. I may be tired and uncomfortable, but I've been given a gift that I certainly don't want to take for granted.


  1. Such a beautiful post. Love your little family of 3 and can't wait to meet the 4th member! You do such an amazing job with sweet lovebug. I'm glad you reflect daily on all the little moments of joy and success. :)