Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy Friday y'all! Unfourtunately it's currently snowing in silly Missouri... so we're avoiding all windows and trying to keep ourselves busy indoors. I'm sure It'l be back to 80 next week. The good news is that this Mama is getting SLEEP! Thanks for the prayers! A 4th prescription combination and I'm able to sleep for 7 straight hours and it feels like a miracle! I'm so enjoying all the sweet moments with just my girl. We only have 7 weeks left! Here's a little peek into our life via IG, which I wrote about the importance of HERE.

This sweet girl is the sunshine in my days.
A very tired Mama getting some much needed
cuddles from my girl.

EVERYDAY. Major Pregnancy craving. Better than icecream right?
Poor thing woke up with a fever of 103... the start of cutting
4 more teeth, and needing lots of extra cuddles.
Sunshine and sidewalk chalk makes for a perfect afternoon.
Ending a hot day with strawberry icecream!
Long, sweaty baby naps, after playing outside.
1st pair of flip flops! Be still my heart. She wants
to wear them to bed!
Snowing on May 2nd? Fine. We cuddled up as a family
and watched a movie together. Love them.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. she is precious! and those strawberries look delicious! :]

  2. LOVe the flipflops!!! Precious!