Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Bridal Tea à la Pennants!

It’s no secret that I stumbled on to this whole blogging thing by stalking other blogs and stock piling all the sewing projects, crafts, home décor ideas, and recipes in my “favorites.” Well… when it came time to throw Miss Casey a bridal shower, I turned to that looong list of ideas. Once again, I’m completely in love with the ADORABLE pennants all over the blogosphere! Remember this Pennant I made for my Daddy for Father’s day? So I decided to whip up a whole shower centered around this adorable idea… and here’s what I came up with:

First stop: JoAnn’s for some scrapbook paper to cut into tiny triangles and some cardstock with matching envelopes in a lovely shade of turquoise!

Then I decided to make some pennants based on the awesome scrapbook paper I used on the invites, so back to JoAnn’s I went for some funky fabric!

I used the same method for making these pretty pennants that I used for Father’s Day: HERE. But the basic steps are to cut out two triangles, sew them wrong sides facing on 2 edges, flip them right side out and iron them, and then do a pretty topstitch along the edge to give ‘em a clean look. Then I used premade bias tape and pinned the triangles inside the fold. I made one quick and easy stitch to hold it all together! Here’s a close up…

Now, I needed to whip up a quilted table runner to match the pennants and make the table (with the red velvet cupcakes!) the star! Now, I know you’re sayin’ to yourself “Riiiiight Candace. You just whipped up a quilted table runner, just like that.” Seriously though… this was easy peasy! I found the pattern right HERE along with a hand step by step tutorial!

In no time at all, I had my strips tacked down to the batting and backing of my quilt! Then I just machine quilted a couple lines on each strip of fabric, using the seams as a guide! The only time consuming and mind numbing part of this lil’ project was the fact that I had to hand sew my binding on my quilt… ew. I did, however, cheat, and buy the same premade bias tape I used for the pennants, so I can’t really complain. Having made binding and then put it on a queen sized quilt… I can tell your first hand that it is no picnic!

After packing these babies up in my suitcase, I finished packing up our apartment, moved to our condo, unpacked, decorated… and hopped on a plane to Missouri. Whew. July was an insane month of my life. Sadly, in all the craziness, I forgot to take a final picture of the runner before it was actually at the shower. Anywho…

Casey’s Aunt Terri graciously offered to have the shower at her BEAUTIFUL home! I was so excited to get the party set up, since half the decorating was already done thanks to her amazing decorating skills and her gift to Case (more on that in a sec.)

Isn’t her home just beautiful? She had the perfect spot for the pennants too!

Here’s the Runner all finished! I hope it finds a lovely home in Case & Kev’s place! I love the pattern so much, I might just make a few more of these for friends and family!

See those LOVELY glass cake stands and candle sticks? Aunt Terri MADE them! She has an amazing talent for gathering old glass dishes and creating beautiful pieces like these! I told her she needs to jump on the Etsy bandwagon and start selling these… I know I’d want a few!

The cupcakes are red velvet… YUM! I used the Hummingbird Bakery’s recipe, along with PW’s PERFECT cream cheese frosting recipe! The cupcake wrappers were so darn cute, they matched the runner perfectly in chartreuse and turquoise, but once that red batter hit ‘em, they were a sad shade of brown. I had extra scrapbook triangles for the invites, so I made little cupcake toppers with toothpicks! I also made Paula Deen’s mini Blondies… they are always such a hit! The matching M&M’s were brought by the lovely Meagan, and we served Sweet Tea & Lemonade in glass pitchers with sliced lemons. It was a sticky, stormy night so I was glad I decided to go with cool drinks instead of hot tea! The night was full of good conversation, food, friends, family and girly gifts… the perfect way to spend a summer night!

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