Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Gift for My Dad...

I have an amazing Dad. He’s the man I compared every man to before I found my hubby… and ironically they have many of the same qualities. I won’t deny it, I’m a Daddy’s girl and now that my Daddy lives a million miles away, I wanted to send him something special to let him know how much I love him! I started looking around for a crafty way to say Happy Father’s Day but really didn’t find much for the Dad of two twenty somethings.

I’ve been really obsessed with pennants lately (No idea why)… and after them all over Etsy & other crafty blogs, I thought, that can’t be too hard! I had also seen a banner someone made with old ties, and I thought I’d combine the two and make something that was a little more my style… thus this Tie Pennant was born… and my Dad loved it!

I just drew a tie-shape on a piece of paper and used it as a pattern. I pinned and cut out two pieces of colorful fabric for each “tie” in the pennant. Next I picked a fun font on my little pink laptop, selected “outline” in the font menu, cut out the letters and used them as patterns. After zigzag stitching the letters to the ties (I used turquoise and brown threads), I made a zigzag stitch across the tie to separate the “knot” from the rest. Then I stitched the two tie pieces together, right sides facing, leaving the top open so I could flip them right sides out. I ironed each piece and then sandwiched them between some bias tape I made, using one long stitch across the entire Pennant to secure all the pieces in place. It was fairly simple, and I loved coming up with my own design!

My Mom put up the banner before my Dad came home from church Sunday so he had a nice little surprise! Doesn’t it feel great to do nice things for people you’re just crazy about?


  1. So cute!! I'm sure he loved it. I love pennants too...I think they are so stinkin' cute!

  2. You are just so garsh darn cute, candie-apple!! I wish I had your artsy talents.