Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer in Missouri...

Bri and I just got back from a WONDERFUL week back home in Missouri. I guess after 25 years of living in Missouri, a girl gets used to the sticky humid weather… but boy after a year in Cali, I stepped off the plane and gasped for air! It wasn’t all that bad… it actually FELT like summer to me! I was just beside myself with all the delicious Midwestern food… like Biscuits and Gravy, Chicken Fried Steak with white gravy, fried Catfish, frozen custard, and Peanut butter pie! I’m pretty sure the hubby and I are gonna need to hit the gym now that we’re back in Cali, since our clothes are now feeling a little tight… but it was sooo worth EVERY bite!

Besides all the food, one of my FAVORITE things about summer in Missouri is goin’ to the lake! We water skied, swam, and hit the wake on a large half-pipe shaped tube! It was pure bliss. The smell of sunscreen, fish and the sound of crickets made my heart feel very content. I hadn’t seen my Aunt and Uncle since our wedding, so spending the evenings chatting and catching up was just lovely.

Bri and I had a great time bein' bounced around on the Half Pipe!

Me and My Daddy skiing!

Why, you ask did I get to head home when there wasn’t even a holiday?! BECAUSE… My very very dear friend Miss Casey was marrying her prince charming in a GORGEOUS outdoor wedding at a beautiful ranch in the country! She MADE all her wedding decorations along with her dear Mama and Aunt, and they should be featured in The Knot… since they were definitely some of the most amazing decorations I’ve ever seen! I’ll sneak some photos on here as soon as I can get some! For now, here is the lovely Bride & her Hubby!

Such a BEAUTIFUL couple!

I must say that I’ve had a pretty hearty helping of homesickness since we’ve been back… I think it’s a combination of missing home, and not really feeling at home in our new condo yet. We’ve had a few little problems pop up in our new home sweet home, and even though Bri and I prayed long and hard over this move, things just haven’t been goin’ so smooth… but don’t you worry… we’ll keep prayin’ and pushing forward. That’s just what these little bumps in the road are for… to try and throw us off guard and get us all bogged down... Thank God I’ve got a husband who reminds me to look UP when things get a little icky! And thank God too… cause he’s ALWAYS faithful.

P.S. I can’t wait to show you the pictures of the Pennant Themed Bridal Tea I threw for Case… I’ll have ‘em up real soon!

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  1. Thanks for the Shout out! Can't wait to catch up and LOVED I got to spend hours seeing your face :) Wish I could see it soon again. ?(