Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eating my way through L.A.!

So now that I live in Cali, I suppose it would only be fitting if I took advantage of the “Fabulous Los Angeles” being so close. I met my childhood friend Kels, who is staying with us for a bit, up in L.A. earlier this week so that we could experience the fabulousness. We were sorely disappointed. It went a bit like this: “Oh look, Rodeo drive!” “Wait, that’s it?” “Oh, there it went.” The other “hot spots” were all the same experience… the city was dirty, crowded, and took a million years to get anywhere. We’d enter something in the beloved GPS which said 8 miles away… and forty minutes later we’d arrive at our destination. This Missouri girl did NOT love the L.A. traffic, that’s for sure!

So, being me, and a total foodie, I decided I’d just eat my way through this city, since that was the only part I was enjoying… and boy did I enjoy the FOOD L.A. had to offer! I’ve heard about a bazillion different little eateries during all the hours of Food Network I watch, and I brought a list of places to try while I was there…

First stop: UMAMI BURGER. Kels and I had both written this one down as a must try! I had the So-Cal burger (Ha.) It had roasted tomato, caramelized onions, butter lettuce, medium rare beef and a delicious spread that had me lickin’ my fingers! We also shared some cheesy hashbrown balls with spicy mustard dipping sauce…YUM.

Next up: SPRINKLES Cupcakery! Bri and I are HUGE Food Network fans, and this summer we followed both the Next Food Network Star & Cupcake Wars. One of this year’s weekly Judges was Candace Nelson (love that she spells her name the RIGHT way) who owns Sprinkles in L.A… the very FIRST cupcake shop! So when I was heading north, I just HAD to have one of her famous cupcakes! I chose Red Velvet since it’s my favorite… and luckily, Kels brought Bri & I a BOX of different cupcakes the next day! Love that girl. Anywho… the cupcake was DELISH! Definitely the best red velvet I’ve ever had!

THE cupcake…

It didn’t last long…

Then there was: LOS 5 PUNTOS. Kels’ friend Narda is getting married… which is why Kels is way out here on the west coast. Narda is from Mexico and her family owns an authentic Mexican Grocery & Meat shop. We had the BEST pork taco EVER. We were however the ONLY blonde haired, blue eyed girls ordering up a taco at this awesome shop… what can I say, we wanted AUTHENTIC!

Last stop: TOAST! Before I headed up to L.A., I did an extensive search for the very best foodie spots. This restaurant came highly recommended by Food Network hosts and most certainly lived up to the hype! I’m a sucker for good atmosphere and cute décor… this place was my style! Not only was it a super cute eatery, I had the most ridiculously delicious Brinner… Coffee Cake Crusted French Toast with real maple syrup, breakfast potatoes with sunny-side up eggs (is there any other way?) and FRESH squeezed orange juice! YUM!

Look at the adorable jars full of cookies with chalkboard labels!

Oh goodness…

After all that good eatin’ I rolled myself back to San Diego for a food induced coma… but boy was it worth it!

Have you visited any amazing spots lately? Let a girl know where to get some good food!

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