Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surviving Colic {An update on Liv}

It's hard to put into words how these past weeks have been. I've said to Brian more than once that I felt like I was just floating through our days... not soaking them in and trying to memorize every precious moment, the way I did when Hannah was tiny. The days were SO much harder. It's just so very different when your sweet baby cries so hard that she can't take a breath.... for as many as 4-5 hours in the evenings and throughout the day as well. She's not a "fussy baby," as many moms have told me, or "spoiled" as another said. She hurt... her tummy HURT!

We've been giving her Zantac now for a few weeks and the change has been AMAZING! I have seen my sweet girl smile at me! She has actually laid on her playmat without screaming, and she's smiled and cooed while looking around! She's still not all that content after eating and that means keeping her elevated and making sure she gets those blessed meds twice a day which can be tricky... But she is a whole different child than weeks 4-8!

As far as her lip-tie, we saw an ENT last week who commented that she does have pretty good mobility- meaning as long as we assist her in getting a good latch, that shouldn't be affecting her colic issues. We're still seeing a specialist at Children's Mercy next week to see if surgery is neccesary to avoid long-term complications (problems with speech or dental work).

I've been so incredibly encouraged by other mamas who survived Colicky babies... for those of you who have stopped me at church, or sent me an email... THANK YOU! It means so much.

Oh goodness how we love our sweet Liv... we are so happy that she feels better!


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  1. Reflux meds were a life saver for my second. I felt like a failure having to give my brand new little one meds at first but when he finally got to be happy and not cry all day long it took away all my guilt. Another thing that helped was taking him to the chiropractor. I hope she continues to improve and you get to savor her.