Friday, August 30, 2013


Yeah... apparently no blogging happened in between last friday and this one. I think the summer heat is making this Mama feel tired.. that and the fact that we took two littles on a road trip to the lake last weekend and have been trying to recover ever since. We've been sleeping and enjoying the blessed air conditioning. Here's a peek at our week via Instagram...

She decided it would be fun to stay up until almost midnight
talking to her Auntie. She didn't even make it to the boat the
next day before passing out.
Liv and her Auntie cuddling.
Happy girl on the boat! She wasn't into the water too much,
but riding the boat was fun! It lasted a few hours then she
melted down because she wanted the jacket OFF!
She's been reading to Sissy, teaching her numbers, letters,
and colors! It's precious and keeps both kiddos happy!
Seriously so in love with this squishy girl!
Pumpkin Spice is HERE!!! Unfourtunately it was 102 today
so I had mine iced thankyouverymuch!
Have a wonderful weekend y'all!
life rearranged


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