Thursday, August 8, 2013

Olivia Grace {Weeks 5-8}

Poor sweet girl's colic set in... Weeks of a very sad baby. Mama and Daddy worked so hard to get her feeling better. She made such a turn around after sticking to the meds for a few weeks! More on that HERE. We keep her swaddled tight, and let her nap on her tummy when we can lay her down.

She's gaining weight so quickly! This month I put away all the newborn clothes and got out the 3 month pieces! Hannah didn't wear those until she was 4 months old! We think Liv will catch up with her quickly. She's eating every 2 hours during the day and about 3 hours at night... Hungry girl! 

She has the cutest little chubby hands... always putting them over her face and trying to suck her thumb. Such personality already! She startles easily and when her sister comes running into the room she throws them up in the air. She seems to be very particular... she wants her diaper changed immediately and only likes to be held over our shoulders, on her blanky so she can hold it tightly in her fist.

We saw our baby girl smile for the first time this week! So precious it melted this Mama into a puddle! Her eyes light up when I talk to her, especially after she eats...This is our special time together when she interacts and shows her sweet little personality. 

We love our Livi girl more and more each day... 

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