Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Special Date with My Girl {Monsters University}

My sweet girl LOVES Monsters Inc... She has watched it a hundred times and still squeals with excitement when we pop it in the blu-ray player. "Boo! Sully! Mike Owskiii!" She yells. She recently took a birthday trip with her Auntie Naenae to Build-a-Bear and as girly as she is, I expected a pink and purple, sparkly, princess bear. She came home with a Teddy in a Monsters U t-shirt and a Mike Wazowski stuffed friend. She carries them around everywhere.

I wanted to take her on a special date, just for her, after Liv was born. She had been so good with Sissy getting so much attention, and this Mama was missing the one on one with her as well. When Monsters University came out this summer...I knew it was time for her very first movie theater experience! Daddy happily agreed to stay with Liv so we could have our date. I packed up some of Hannah's favorites (gummies, strawberry milk, and Joe's O's), she grabbed her new Owskiii and off we went...

We met my dear friend Lindsey and snapped a few pictures before heading in. I was worried about it being so dark, but she didn't seem scared at all! At only 2yrs old this girl sat through the previews, Disney short film, and the WHOLE movie and never got off my lap! (She was way too tiny for the theater seats.) Lindsey and I kept laughing because she was so engrossed in the movie that she'd yell "Oh No!" when Mike or Sully were in trouble, or "Woo Hoo!" when something good happened. So. Stinkin. Adorable. 

The movie was super cute and I really enjoyed getting to do something new and special with my girl. It was long past nap time when we left, and I was so proud of Hannah for not having a toddler sized meltdown. I'm not sure we made it out of the parking lot before she passed out...love that about her. 

This age comes with lots of changes and challenges... Some days I feel very tired from redirecting, timeouts, and teaching. The days like this one though, outweigh all of that. It's a privilege to raise this sweet girl...the memories we make, the hilarious things she says, and the ornery bits too. I'm so incredibly in love with this child.


  1. We took our oldest to see Monster's U right before the little one was born and she loved it too. It was such a cool experience to watch her see her first movie. I'm glad you 2 had fun.

  2. So much fun! I can't wait to take A to the big people movie theatre.

    Question: How did she do with the "scary" parts? I haven't introduced anything like that to A and wasn't sure how it would go over. Was it NBD for H?

    1. Weirdly, Hannah hasn't ever been scared of any of the Disney villains or scary parts.