Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keeping Busy, Always. & {and a House Update!}

So I'm not too good at just sitting around... not exactly a news flash, for those who know me well! I'm usually either reading blogs, taking photos of my sweet girl, blogging, crafting, cross-stitching, decorating, painting, party planning, digital scrapbooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or some other way I've found to keep myself busy.  Rarely will you find me just siting around. In fact, until recently I didn't even put my feet up during nap time, and the minute our Lovebug goes to bed, we get busy on some DIY house project, or paint another room. I forget sometimes that I just need to REST. To get refreshed by doing something I enjoy, and that doesn't neccesarily need to be something PRODUCTIVE... which I'm pretty sure is my favorite word. Just ask my Hubby.

All that to say... I haven't been very present on this little piece of the blogosphere because I wasn't feeling too inspired... mostly due to the fact that I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off... not to say that won't happen again THIS week, but I'm sure gonna try to rest some more.

So here's a little update on our new house... since you had to read through all of that first.

We've been working our way through our little home room by room. I'll do a full home tour when we're done. Sorry for the poor quality pictures... they were all taken with my iphone, since a DSLR is definitely on my Birthday list!! 

Here's our cozy living room so far...

We painted the walls and the backs of the built-ins and filled the shelves with loved items. We'll be getting a new couch soon and the well-worn red sectional will be headed to the downstairs family room.

The walls are obviously still pretty bare. I feel like all we do is paint lately... room by room we're getting it done, and then Mama will start to hang up some wall decor!

This is our little breakfast nook...


This room badly needs something on the wall... maybe next week. This picture is terribly dark... the paint is the same slate grey as the living room... Martha Stewart's Driftwood Grey.

and this is our kitchen...

The nursery is the closest room to finished, but I still need to add a gallery wall. HERE's the original nursery post from our apartment. 

My cousin and uncle were wonderful... they painted and put up the chair rail before we moved in, so that the transition to a new room would be easier for our sweet girl! I love this room... and I can't wait to put up all the things I've been collecting for the wall above the dresser.


I'll slowly put up pictures of the rest of the house as we finish all the painting and furnishing! Bri's finished up the Dining table... YES, my hubby is building a beautiful farmhouse-industrial table... that post with in the next month or so! The Master Bedroom is waiting for new lamps and some baseboard where we ripped out an ugly built-in, so that post will be soon too! October will be for getting the downstairs family room done and then hopefully we'll get this place cozy for the holidays!

Hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. LOVE watching you be such a wonderful keeper of your family and home and striving for that Proverbs 31 ideal that our Heavenly Father calls us to work toward :)!!

  2. I love the colors! We are in the process of updating our house too :) It is fun!