Thursday, September 27, 2012


I just have to say how much I seriously LOVE Instagram. I know this may sound completely cheesy, but I really love how it helps me to capture the little moments of my life... the ordinary stuff, and the really good stuff too. I want my baby girl {and future kiddos} to know how I spent my days with them... playing and laughing and enjoying our sweet days together. I also want to remember what was important to our family... things I enjoy, and the importance of still dating my hubby!
So here's a little peek into our lives recently...

Because he loves me...

Yummy Mexican food on a date with my Man!
Lovebug could spend all day at the park!
Daddy took the day off to spend it with his girls!
I sew bunting ALL the time. Seriously thinking of opening an
Etsy shop. Thoughts?
Happy girl at the Art Fair with my love!
This is my FAVORITE Beth Moore study so far!
Seriously. Following along with Beautifully Rooted &
a lovely group of ladies at My Church.
My girl... only wanted to nap with Mama. I was
happy to oblidge.
Play-date at the park... adorable little friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!
life rearranged


  1. Oh I just got James: Mercy Triumphs and am looking forward to reading it! And your little girl is so cute!


  2. love the top in your art show pic! where did you get it?? the color blocking is adorable!

  3. stopping by from insta-friday. your little girl is adorable! your bunting is amazing. i say YES to the etsy shop!

  4. Such sweet pictures! I looove instagram too! That bunting is super cute - you should open a shop!

  5. a) that bunting is so cute!
    b) i must look into that beth moore study ... making myself a note right now :)

    stopping by from instafriday :) have a great weekend!