Friday, June 10, 2011

Pretty Scalloped Bunting!

Hello folks! This little Mama is writing from a VERY warm Missouri... trying to keep my feet up and stay out of the lovely heat! Just 3ish weeks left before Lovebug should be here, and I'm finishing up some last minute sewing projects as final touches on the nursery!

Since I'm not sleeping too much these days, I've been passing the time spending hours on Pinterest. If you haven't discovered the amazing way to catalog your ideas, diy projects, decor, clothing style, etc... you must stop everything and CHECK IT OUT! I'm in love. No more overflowing "Favorites" bar for this girl! Just beautiful pictures to daydream about all day long!

One of the adorable ideas I found on Pinterest are these Scalloped Bunting. I knew I wanted some sort of pennants (I'm obsessed) to add a little color to the white curtains in the nursery... but these are just over-the-top cute! I grabbed my scraps of Wee Woodland from the bedding and got sewing!

Here's what you need...

-Scraps of fabric in various colors/patterns
-Premade bias tape (I made a LOT of bunting so I used 3 packages of 3 yds each)
-The pattern (found HERE)
-Scissors &/or rotary cutter & board, pins, sewing maching... you get the picture.
-Coordinating thread ( I've used a pretty jade color for everything in the nursery... I like the contrast)

I doubled up scraps of fabric, and pinned the pattern to them, then I cut away! I sewed the two pieces right sides facing on the rounded edge, using a 1/4 in seam allowance. Then I trimmed the seam allowance to 1/8 in and cut several snips in it so that when I turned each scallop out, it was nice and round. I ironed them all flat and pinned them, sandwiched into the bias tape. Then I sewed along the edge closest to the opening in the bias tape in one continuous line. Voila! Lots of pretty scalloped bunting!

Here they are hanging in Lovebug's nursery! I can NOT wait to reveal the nursery soon! It's almost done... just finishing up those last little details! Are you getting excited? I sure am!

Have a great weekend!


  1. These are ADORABLE!!!!! We just found out we are having a I doubt my husband will allow scalloped bunting over his crib...but I will have to make some for our daughter for sure!

  2. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!