Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lovebug Update & Getting Ready!

Whew... 37 weeks! I am READY for this little girl to come out and make her entrance into the world! She's definitely runnin' out of room in there and this little Mama isn't sleeping at ALL. Lovebug thinks it's real funny to headbutt me down there... making my nightly bathroom visits about every 45 minutes at this point. Last week the Dr. said that she was head down and in position... so it's just a waiting game now! I have another appointment this Friday, and I'm crossing my fingers that she's gonna tell me some good news!

It's such a funny thing, I was so worried about getting all the "stuff"... now that the time is drawing closer, I'm just ready to figure it all out with her in my arms! I've got one more nursery project, maybe two... I'm just keeping busy though now. The stroller is all put together, the swing is ready, and Bri tells her every night before bed that she can come out anytime now! We're both so excited to see what she looks like and kiss her sweet face!

As far as the labor part goes... I've sure had my anxious moments. I really want to do this as natural as possible... no medical intervention, no drugs. Bri and I have been reading the Bradley Book (Husband Coached Childbirth) and the more we read the more calm and comfortable we feel. I just keep reminding myself that women have been doing this for thousands of years... and God made our bodies to do this. I will trust him to know what our birth story will be, and I definitely understand that if an emergency happens... the doctors will take care of me and Lovebug. Until then...

Here's the latest bump pics! You can definitely see my face getting rounder. Oh well... three more weeks of ice cream- right?


  1. Round face or not, you are beautiful! So excited for lovebug to make her grand entrance soon. You and Bro are going to rock as parents!

  2. You and Brian will make wonderful parents. Marie and I are so excited for you guys. I have kept her updated through your whole pregnancy. I am so glad you are back home before little lovebug arrives into this wonderful world.

  3. i'm sure you are ready! you look great though! enjoy your 3 weeks of ice cream. :)