Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting excited...

Well folks, the blog posts have been a little sparse these days, huh? I've been busy busy getting our sweet little Lovebug's bedding sewn and boy is that "nesting" stage in full swing! I want to clean, organize, and sew everything in sight! I've got the quilt top all done, and the fitted crib sheet sewn. I'm almost done with the crib skirt, but I'm a little nervous about starting those bumpers!

This past weekend we went up to Downtown Disney to see some dear friends, and it was a perfect day! Bri & I honeymooned at Walt Disney World, so all things Disney hold a special place in our hearts. We bought Lovebug her first little Minnie Mouse ears & her first Pooh! We also received a sweet package from Miss Raylene full of Royals & Mizzou onesies! And another package from her Aunt Nae & Grandma & Grandpa Gregg with her first Disney movie, Bambi, a blanket with her nickname, Lovebug, and some adorable clothes! Our guest room is filling up with tiny clothes & pink things and we're getting very excited to hold our little girl in our arms!

I'll try to get some new WGW's up soon and also some new recipes! Until then... I'm just growing by the day and nesting, nesting, nesting!


  1. It's so much fun getting ready for a baby's arrival! A tip for the bumper (take it or leave it), my mom found with the bumper she made for my nephew that the batting broke down pretty quickly. So when we made my son's bedding, we just bought a cheap bumper that we didn't care about how it looked, and then covered it with fabric to match my son's bedding. Then I was also able to slip it off to wash when it got yuckies on it.

  2. The quilt looks awesome!

    We're Disney nuts and honeymooned there too, but I'm sure I've told you that before :) I got our son a little hat with Mickey ears awhile back and I need to start getting all of the movies on DVD for him too.

  3. She's getting well-equipped!

    Miss you! Love you!

  4. So so excited. I'm very glad you liked the cute little things I picked out. Ray did an awesome job with the sports gear! :) I can't wait to see all of the finished bedding. You're really cranking it out!


  5. dang it..i was going to get her a little jayhawks onsey with matching yellow beak. i had it all picked out:) i'm calling you this weekend, are you kind of free??

  6. aww that's so sweet. i am so excited for you ( -: