Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're Moving!

It’s been a year in our very first Home Sweet Home out here in SO CAL, and, sadly we need to get outta here! We realized shortly after the big move from Missouri, that while our apartment has been lovely, there are far less expensive places to live, and a lot NICER places too! Since we picked our first place over the internet, we really had no idea what there was in San Diego. It took many weeks of anxious searching, disappointments, and then more nerve-wracking decisions. But folks, the hubby and I have FINALLY found a Condo that’s the same size, with a whole lot more updates, more privacy, and is WHOLE lot cheaper! The papers are signed, I’m currently sitting, surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap… and I’m wiped!

Now, I’ve moved a few times in my life (mostly from college dorm to apartments), but when you get married, and live in a grown-up home, you inherit a LOT of STUFF! It’s a bit overwhelming actually… there have been moments of pure panic. Most recently, my poor Hubby came home, and I suddenly burst into tears. Now, being the wonderful man he is, he just pulled me into a hug, kissed my forehead and waited for the waterworks to stop. I then came to my senses and grabbed the bubble wrap again.

There are some definite benefits to moving… giving those rooms a refresh, and maybe changing up a few things… my heart just fluttered a bit! I do loooove to decorate and of course it’ll give me more material to Blog!

The big move is tomorrow so if ya’ll think about us, send up a prayer! Now don’t worry your pretty little heads… my computer engineer hubby wouldn’t let me go more than about 2 days without internet… so I’ll be back to my virtual life REAL soon!


  1. Hope everything goes smoothly -- moving is NOT fun!

  2. good luck moving!! can't wait to see it in august!!

  3. i can't way to see the new place! and you can defiantly find a good bikram place out in cali :)

    p.s. low and I are coming aug 11 and then low flys home aug 15 but i'll be around awhile - we need to talk! i'll call after you've had some time settlin' in :)

  4. Hey Kels... that should work. Definitely call me soon so we can chat!