Friday, July 9, 2010

An Italian Classic, Burger Style!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but these burger recipes seem to be getting better and better! Every Friday night, I ask Bri if THIS is his favorite burger, and every Friday he says that particular burger is the best one yet! I guess we’ll never know… but I sure am having fun trying all these delicious takes on the American fav!

This one’s a doozy! It’s got not one, but TWO mouth-watering sauces! Here’s the cast of this dramatic dish…

Lasagna Burger                                   by Rachael Ray

1 lb ground sirloin (Rach used a beef/pork/veal mix)
1 onion (finely chopped)
14.5oz can Italian tomatoes (with basil, garlic & oregano)
Small bunch of basil (finely chopped)
2 tsp butter
2 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
Pinch of nutmeg
½ cup ricotta
¼ cup grated Parm
4 gourmet white hamburger buns (I like to say gourmet!)

First, put some EVOO in a skillet over medium heat and get the onions nice and soft. Then add the Italian tomatoes and give ‘em a mash. Season with S&P and let it thicken while you cook the other sauce and the burgers. Stir in the basil at the very end.

Then make four even patties of ground sirloin and season with S&P. Drizzle ‘em with a little EVOO and grill over medium-high heat for 7-8 minutes. We like medium burgers around here!

While those burgers cook, grab another skillet and melt the butter. Add the flour and cook for a minute, then whisk in the milk. You’ve just made a roux & a bechamel… aren’t you fancy! Season it up with some S&P and a pinch of nutmeg and bring it to a bubble! Then add all that yummy cheese. This next step is very important… dip your finger in that sauce and give it a lick… then die of bliss. I want to pour this sauce on EVERYTHING! Amen?

To assemble these babies, spoon some red sauce on the bottom bun, then the burger, then spoon some white sauce all over, trying not to lap it up in the process. Top it with the other bun, and take a BIG tasty bite!

***Note: this burger is extremely messy, and if you’re like my hubby (afraid of anything messy) grab yourself a fork and a knife!

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  1. Yum! I am going to have to try this sometime! I just found your blog! I also live in the Kansas City area!