Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It ain't home yet...

So it wasn’t pretty, but we finally got all our stuff into the new condo. My wonderful brother-in-law and his girlfriend came out to help us get all our furniture into the new place! It was a looong day, but with all the hard work, we got it done! I think the worrying alone wore me OUT! Now I just gotta concentrate on getting it all filled with some cozy décor and get this place looking like HOME!

I must say, that as nice as the new condo is, it’s not a house, which is what my little heart really desires. It’s just a different way of life out here on the coast. There have also been some unpleasant bumps in the road… leading to more tears and frustration, but I just keep reminding myself that THIS is where God has got us, and I better buck up and make the best of it!

First challenge… the property management company failed to have the place cleaned before we moved in (so unprofessional), which means the hubby and I spent an entire day scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming and disinfecting before anything could move in. ALSO… the carpets are definitely not up to my standards, so now we’re having them cleaned sometime this next week… of course that means more moving of furniture… lovely.

Second challenge… the “entry way” area of our old Apartment doesn’t exist in the new condo, leaving my beloved PB shelves homeless… currently working on making them work in the living room, or dining room… haven’t decided yet.

Third challenge… the new master bed room is HUGE, I mean so huge that our little full-sized bed (we are small people), dresser, and bedside tables look terribly dwarfed and lonely… this will probably result in buying some furniture for a sitting area/reading chair. ALSO… this means that the guest room is pitifully small. I’m not joking… it’s PITIFUL. We don’t want to get rid of the furniture in there since we’ll probably use it someday, but we’ve heard storage here is expensive…sigh. This room is currently making me pull my hair out.

I’ll leave ya’ll with a few “BEFORE” pics of the place. Any ideas, suggestions, comments are GREATLY appreciated!

Living Room: First thing we did…. Took down the awful mirrors and the tacky blinds. Ew.

Dining Room & Kitchen: Loooove my new appliances. This is where I spent a vast majority of my time so the fact that it’s upgraded = bliss.

Hallway & Cabinets in Hall: I love that there IS a hallway! It feels more like a house this way. To the right is the hall closet, guest bedroom, and these handy cabinets. To the left is the hall bath and laundry room. Straight ahead is the Master bedroom.

Teeny Tiny Guestroom & Hall Bathroom:
I have no words.

Huge Master Bedroom: I love the bathroom area… the shower and Loo are in their own separate room. Also, we have our OWN closets… this is a very good thing.

I’ll post pictures of each room as they’re finished! I’m off to peruse the Pottery Barn website again.


  1. i would think about adding a daybed in the bedroom. my parents used to have one and i LOVED it as a kid. its takes up room and makes it look really french chic

  2. Here's a cute day bed:
    I'm currently obsessed, really. And it's for a nursery/guest... for future days :)

    It looks BEAUTIFUL! And I hate the stress of moving. Ick. And it's bout to hit here too-- moving, a wedding... oh but after camp. Oh Lord.

    I love you!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! Case... I looove that daybed! I need to get my hubby busy!

  4. Fixing the place to fit your taste is one of the most time-consuming phases of moving into a new place. Also, the bathroom caught my attention. It looks fine as it is.