Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Staycation & Our 1st Anniversary!

I’ve been married to my wonderful Hubby for a WHOLE YEAR! Whew… whoever said the first year is the hardest was wrong. We blinked and a year of marital bliss whizzed by! We had always talked about going on a big trip for our one year… but when it came sneaking up on us, we were searching for a new place, had just had my parents out, and are leaving again to go home in month, and let’s face it, California living ain’t cheap. It was obviously not the time for traveling. Sooo… we decided to have ourselves a “Staycation!” Since people come to San Diego from all over the country to vacay, why not enjoy our lovely paradise from a different perspective! So we packed a bag and headed towards Downtown San Diego. First stop: Balboa Park for some sightseeing! We’ve always wanted to go, but just kept putting it off. Then we checked in at the Glamorous Westgate Hotel… where Bri won my heart way back when he interned here for the summer… and boy was it nice to live a life of luxury for a bit! Here are some pictures of our fabulous escape from real life…

Balboa was beautiful! We stopped off at the San Diego Museum of Art… (my hubby indulged me), had lunch by a fountain, and walked around soaking up the sunshine and the pretty flowers!

Yes, I’d already stayed at the Westgate once, but it still took my breath away…

The large rooms with gorgeous heavy drapes, the exquisite furniture, the crown molding… it’s all so luxurious and definitely not my normal life.

The view of Downtown San Diego was great… but the monogrammed matching bathrobes… even better. FYI… we love matching bathrobes… please don’t laugh at us. They were hanging in the large bathroom with the marble bathtub and cushy vanity stool… Ah.

We went to Dinner at Ra (a really fun sushi fushion restaurant downtown) and came home to turn down service… gotta love that… chocolate on your pillow, dimmed lighting, and classical music coming from the TV… seriously.

But what made the night super sweet was the fact that we know each other so well… we bought the exact same card. Hilarious… and maybe a bit sickening. It’s love.

And in the morning… the spoiling continued… I could get used to this…

The Silver Coffee pot and utensils, personal carafes of orange juice, Starbucks coffee (I accept nothing less), and a pink rose… it’s the little things in life. I almost stole the adorable butter dish. Yes, yes that is chocolate oozing out of my croissant... and those potatoes- I almost fainted. Room Service is lovely. I just might be moving in… in my dreams I live here.

Thank you Hubby for the amazing anniversary getaway! I loooove you!


  1. The card thing is HILARIOUS! hahahaha!
    Glad your one year was awesome! Love you guys! (I thought about calling, but I figured you were busy:)

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful anniversary. 'Love the photos- and the matching bathrobes! :) Love you both very much!

  3. looks awesome! congrats on the 1 year mark, candie and brian!!

    i'm not laughing about the matching robes...promise :)

  4. I totally am laughing about the matching robes! :) and the same card... really? hehe... adorable!! I think maybe Scott needs to take some romance classes w/your hubby... lets be sure to set up a session while you guys are in town :)

    ps... i'm still waiting to find out when my candace time can be planned for... i'm in desperate need of some!