Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Blog got a Makover!

Try as I might, my blog was just lookin’ a bit eh. It really didn’t show my sparkling personality (ha!) or that Midwest Americana style I love… UNTIL I found the fabulous folks over at Designer Blogs! It turns out that working with HTML is HARD! So dear Erin over @ DB gave my blog a once over and turned it into EXACTLY what I wanted! The price was amazing, and she put up with my bein’ picky too! Thanks girl! You made my day! Go check em’ out ya’ll!


  1. ADORABLE!!! i love it so much!!!

  2. I'm LOVING this. It definitely seems much more like your style. I seriously adore this layout. I need you to hook me up with a great blog that will inspire me to write. Yes?

    Miss you.

  3. cute layout. i stuck with the "already put together because i'm too lazy to learn how to change it" look.

  4. hey there!
    greetings from apartment tlc, just found your blog through DB and gotta say I <3 it!