Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When RESTING is enough.

It's iced coffee o'clock in the Edwards house, and this Mama is feeling bone tired--not from anything out of the ordinary. I've had three days of normal 'Stay At Home Mama' work. Sending Miss Hannah off to Preschool early in the morning, grocery shopping with Liv, toddler melt-downs, cleaning, planning a Disney trip, running to the Mall with friends and an epic toddler meltdown in the middle of a store, get the girls down for naps, etc. You know that stuff.

This is the point in my day where I usually grab a big glass of iced coffee and head to my craft room to sew for The Party Shop or work on any projects around the house, check my to-do list, send emails, do laundry, work on digital photo books, etc. Today I am just TIRED. I find myself wondering, is it OKAY to rest? Why when I think about putting my feet up and reading a book do I feel guilty for not keeping busy or being PRODUCTIVE?

Resting has not been a part of my day as a Mom. Every single second needed to be used up DOING something. Even in the evenings when the kiddos go to bed--Bri and I want to watch a movie together, I'm constantly pinning projects to do later, reading blogs for ideas, recipes, working on finishing our playroom, redecorating other rooms, DIY projects, new ideas for the shop, materials, sending emails, planning activities, making shopping lists... it goes on and on and ON.

Now, all these things can be GOOD things. I ENJOY being a creative person that needs to funnel that energy somewhere. But being a Mom is a FULL time job. I needed to remind myself today that it is MORE than enough to get through the day and I hope that if you needed to hear that today, this will encourage you.

Sometimes resting is enough.

***If you need a source for daily encouragement, head over to THRIVE MOMS! I can not tell you the number of times that a post there has encouraged, and left me feeling refreshed. Also- I'm really enjoying the SHE READS TRUTH app! It's a wonderful way to read a quick bible study (even on your iphone while you're pinned by a sleeping babe!) and it always leaves me feeling glad that I took the time to read! 

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  1. Yes! Thrive Moms and She Reads Truth have both been wonderful blessings in my life.