Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olivia Grace {weeks 33-36}

Our girl has the biggest grins! When she's happy she is HAPPY, that's for sure! At 33 weeks, my baby said "Mama." I was in the kitchen, just out of her sight and she started yelling for me... heart melted into a puddle right there. She still only says it when she can't find me.

Liv developed her own version of crawling around 34 weeks... half scooting, half rotating around on her bottom--hilarious. She'll pull up her legs and then sprawl out to reach things she's not supposed to get to... phones, Hannah's snacks, etc. She gets where she wants to go!

She still loves ONLY her 'soothie' binky & can grab it and stick it in like a pro! She likes to be worn by Mama in the Becco carrier, that's how we survive groceries and errands! She sleeps great in her crib... waking at 12 & 6 and waking at 8 with Hannah. I love nursing/rocking her to sleep... she's so calm and cuddly--hard to put her to bed sometimes! 

At 36 weeks, she's crawling much faster and more efficiently! She even started pulling up on furniture... mostly to see what Hannah is doing on the couch. She's been a bit cranky this week. Lots of whining, not wanting to nurse as often as she was, and a few terrible car rides. She's had a stuffy nose, and we think she's working on some upper teeth, so that could be the culprit. We still love her pretty little self and can't believe how quickly the time is passing. Eight months seems so very big, and it makes my Mama heart a little sad. 

Hannah's photo project HERE.

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