Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture Project Weeks 33-36 & an Update!

I'm a bit behind on Lovebug's update (She's 38wks old) ... but that's because  baby girl keeps Mama BUSY! If she's not climbing on things, or pulling everything down from the table, then she's in the kitchen or under the table, or trying to open a drawer! She's such a little baby toddler... always wanting to see what I'm doing or what I'm eating. I absolutely LOVE this age, even if she's keeping me on my toes! Her little personality is becoming so evident! She claps when Elmo comes on the TV, or when she's proud of herself for doing something new... it's adorable! She FINALLY moved up to size 2 diapers and can wear all of her 3-6 mo clothing! She's wearing the summer stuff people bought her last year, now that it's warm outside, and her Auntie & Grandma bought her bunches of adorable summer clothes in size 6-9mo! After quite a little hiccup during Daylight Savings, her sleep seems to be getting into a regular pattern again. She went from sleeping 9pm-8am  and nursing once, to crying at 9 when we put her to bed, waking to nurse twice and only sleeping until 6 or 7. Boo. We're hoping it's just a phase. She's still loving her baby oatmeal, and will eat any of the organic fruit and veggie pouches. She also loves her yogurt bites and puffs at snack time and her favorite snacks are Trader Joe's fruit crushers.  Unfourtunately, we tried to give her some of the stage 2 meats, and chunkier rice ... it's a no go. She made the most hilarious faces and even took it out of her mouth and wiped it on the bumbo. She likes fruit cut up into bite sized pieces, but chunky baby food is not her thing. She still babbles constantly... especially when she's got a snack. Her "words" right now are Mama, Dada, Buh Bye, and Nana (Hannah.) She brought me her brush last night and I put her hair up in her first ponytail! So precious... I melted. I can't believe that in a few months we'll be planning her 1st Birthday party! This Mama better get crafting!

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  1. Favorite, favorite, favorite. Love that little lovebug. :)