Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Lumberjack Shower for Baby Kade!

I recently had the privilege to throw a baby shower for my best friend, Casey and her soon-to-be-here little man, Kade. What was even more fun, was throwing the shower with her sister, Emilie! It was Casey's family shower... which is very fitting, since these people ARE family to me. They are warm, caring, wonderful people. Throwing the party at their parents' house, where Casey and I stayed up late all through our adolescence giggling about boys and holding each other's hands through break-ups, just seemed right. I may or may not have shed a few tears in the realization that we're all grown-up and sometimes that just seems crazy to me. Before I start the waterworks again... here are the shower details...

Casey's cousin Kenz made the AMAZING invites. She has crazy talent and they were perfect!

Working with Em was a DREAM. She has great taste and we both seemed to mesh on our style/ideas for the shower. I mean... obviously we were on the right track when we couldn't find the buffalo plaid ANYWHERE because, duh... it's the hottest thing since sliced bread right now. After searching the web for hours and making quite a few frantic phone calls, a fabric store in St. Louis came to our rescue and we scored a few yards for the table.

The buntings were so simple to make... and HELLO, my favorite thing to do! The black triangles are felt, cut and run through my sewing machine with black thread. The Trees are scrapbook paper, cut and run through my machine as well. The red Pom-poms were made with yarn and a borrowed pom-pom maker. I strung them onto the same yarn with a large needle, and I have to admit, I LOVE them. 

Being lovers of good food... Em and I came up with a simple brunch Menu that was sure to please. We served tiny pancakes (Trader Joe's), s'mores donuts, fresh fruit, an apple galette (made by Emilie) and an assortment of delicious quiches made by their Mama, Kandy. 

I ordered donuts from our favorite local shop, Lamar's and then added the marshmallow bits and graham cracker crumbs myself. As a donut-lover, I have to say they were pretty good!

Our spread was enjoyed by both kiddos and adults. Hannah of course was way more interested in the fruit than the delicious donuts... crazy kid. 

We used her Mama's cloth napkins, and our combined collection of Pottery Barn dishes, and gorgeous tartan plates. The fabric was just folded and pressed for the table runner, and we used leftover Christmas garland for our greenery. The raw wood platters and cake stands were made from firewood I snagged from a friend, that my wonderful Hubby cut up for us!

Dark-chocolate covered marshmallows and graham crackers near the drink bar for little snackers.

We did a hot cocoa bar, complete with mini marshmallows and whipped cream! We also served coffee, (Starbucks of course) and milk/juice for the kiddos. Once again, we used our pottery barn dishes and the insane amount of mason jars I've collected over the years. 

It was simple, and so much fun to put together! I loved the relaxed atmosphere at these kind of showers. People can graze on brunch, sit in cozy chairs and have good conversation. It was so much fun to watch Casey open all the adorable cloth diapers, and sweet boy clothes. I'm hoping to get a photo tour of her gorgeous nursery soon and give you a peek! 

Love this girl and so very excited to hold that sweet boy and love him like she's loves my girls. 

Em, Case and their Mama. We're so excited to meet you baby Kade! xoxo


  1. Sooo cute! I love the theme and you guys did a great job with all the cute decorations. Also, I love the menu! So simple and delicious!

  2. Would she be interested in recreating these adorable invites and selling them by chance?