Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Zuku Quick Pops & {A Popsicle Recipe!}

Now that Summer is winding down {aparently I've been a little busy lately} I am now posting pictures of popsicle-making and recipes. Save 'em for next year folks, or maybe you live in a climate like the midwest, where it may be fall this week, but 85 again the next?

Miss Hannah's sweet Great-Aunt sent us this awesome Quick-Pop maker and we were so excited to try it out!

She bought us the 3 pop maker, single pop maker, and extra pop sticks... the perfect amount of sticks to make most of the recipes I found! We put the makers in the freezer for 24hrs and then were ready to start!

The great thing about popsicles is how many combinations/flavors you can make! Hannah LOVES fruit, so pretty much anything we put in these pop-makers she will love! We started out with THIS yummy recipe.

I love simple ingredients in my kiddo's food and this recipe is just that. 1/2 cup of yogurt - 3 bananas - cup of blueberries - juice of 1/2 a lemon. I added just a few teaspoons of sugar, which it didn't really need.

We poured them in the popsicle maker and started a timer for 9min...

So glad this is a "Quick" popsicle maker because toddlers have no patience.

There's an "easy removal" screw on top... but it took a little muscle to get them out!
I think it's safe to say that she loved them! The twelve we made were gone in no time.
The Zuku is available at Williams Sonoma, but this yummy recipe will work in any popsicle maker!



  1. Super cute idea! I'm a total sucker for a kitchen gadget.

  2. Hannah is adorable in those pigtails! Missed you tonight. Now I know why! :)