Friday, October 11, 2013

Olivia Grace {weeks 13-16}

Our sweet, sensitive Livi girl. She's definitely a Mama's girl through and through. She can make quite a noise when I'm not holding her! She also hates loud noises--her little lip quivers and she starts crying when something startles her, then she needs Mama cuddles to console her. On Sept 6th, our sweet girl had a little procedure done at Children's Mercy to fix her upper lip-tie. She did beautifully! It was much harder on Mama and Daddy since we couldn't hold her. They gave her topical and local anesthesia, and she nursed well and even smiled at Mama after! Then she cuddled up and slept in the Beco on Mama.
She LOVES to talk to herself in the mirror! I set her there to get ready in the morning and she cracks me up talking and cooing and touching her reflection! She "plays" with her toys now, holding them and trying to eat them. She holds her head up and looks all around when I'm holding her over my shoulder... acting like such a big girl. She rolls over in 2 seconds when put on her tummy. She even plays on her mat for a bit before starting to yell for someone to come hold her!
Sweet Liv has been talking so much lately. She is usually yelling at me, but it's adorable even so. She's our squishy little chunk-a-monk. She's outgrown her 3mo clothes and is flying through her Sissy's hand-me-downs. We had to buy her new Halloween jammies, since that size has already been put away. On Sept 25th, she rolled over from back to front and then did it three times in a row! Since then, she rolls across the room if we're not watching!

She has played in her crib a few times now, and Hannah LOVES to join her! They cuddle and Hannah gives her toys to play with. She's a good little sleeper, and she seems to still love sleeping next to Mama in her rock n play, all swaddled up tight. She'll eat at midnight and then once or twice before she's up for good around 8. She only takes her binkie when she's sleepy... otherwise she just chews on her thumb. We are so in love with our little peanut!

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  1. What a sweetie pie! Bennett loves to check himself out in the mirror too! So fun to see these little ones admiring themselves :)