Friday, September 20, 2013


Happy Friday! I am SO. VERY. excited to have made it through this week. This Mama is feeling a little worn out and a lot in need of REST. The idea of having my best friend and partner by my side with our littles for 2 whole days, makes me feel so relieved. Any other Mama's feel that way? I keep hearing the quote; "The days are long, but the years are short." AMEN. Each night when I crawl {collapse} into bed, I think about all the sweet moments with my kiddos and I try to remember that I will remember THOSE... not the long, tiring days full of tears and frustration. So here's those moments... the ones I want to remember forever...

This one tells Mama "No, Thank You" when I ask her
if she wants to try the potty. How can I argue with that?

Looking so grown up. sniff.

Liv had a little procedure done to fix her lip-tie.
She did so beautifully and then slept on Mama after.

Sweet girl wore Daddy's T-shirt all day.

Liv and Mama enjoying the Sunshine in Branson while
Sis and Daddy played at Silver Dollar City!

Our great little traveler crashed in her carseat mid-sentence. 

A slow Monday morning after vacation... lots of coffee
for Mama, donuts, and purusing Parents magazine. 

Our little Puggle all ready for Awanas at Church!
She gets SO. EXCITED. each week!

My sweet sleeping baby... nothing better.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Abigail has recently started reading in her anywhere chair like Miss H is in that picture and it absolutely kills me! It is SO cute!