Saturday, September 7, 2013

Olivia Grace {weeks 9-12}

Liv is developing such a sweet personality! She sits in her bumbo now and loves to "hold" her toys. Hannah likes to shake the rattles for her and tell her all the colors in her favorite catapillar rings. Liv can even get some of the rings into her mouth when she wants!

Still such a good little eater! She's eating every two hours during the day and can go up to 5 hours at night! We are loving the great sleeper she's become! Sometimes we think shes sleep better than Hannah. She rolled from front to back a few times this week... once in front of the Dr at her!

She's smiling and talking all the time now...especially when Mama's got her! She's going through an "only Mama can hold me please" phase. I can't say I really mind... I'm so in love with this sweet baby! I make Bri give her the yucky Zantac for her reflux... she hates it and cries, which breaks Mama's heart.

At 12 weeks, she's almost 12lbs! We are loving those yummy rolls. She's such a Mama's girl... making such sad and dramatic faces when anyone tries to hold her. The minute I take her back, she stops. I'm secretly loving this. We're so enjoying this time with our girl! She's growing and changing and I'm not sad about it... I'm just excited for all the fun to come!


  1. Oh goodness! I swear, sweet Liv is getting more adorable every single day!!

  2. She is such a little beauty. I love that top outfit, super cute!