Thursday, June 13, 2013

The post I wrote last Monday {& Maternity Pics!}

Well folks, Baby Sissy is here! Things took an unexpected turn last week, and I was planning on posting this the day she was born, after picking up our maternity pictures {shot by our sweet friend,  Jenny's Lens!} We ended up at the hospital instead, and things have been a little busy since then! So here's the last update, just a little late.

{I'll post pictures of our sweet Olivia and her birth story next!}

We are 37 and a 1/2 weeks y'all! I  getting so excited to meet our sweet little addition. Our bags are packed, last minute projects finished, and I'm ready for her to come OUT!

It was a much more difficult pregnancy this time around. Thirty some weeks of puking and meds to keep food down, insomnia that ended with more medication. Three weeks ago my Pelvic bone separated, resulting in Physical therapy both now and after Baby Sissy comes. The Dr said I probably won't make it to 40wks, but you know that just means I probably will :)

Through all the physical discomfort, I must still say that it is so very, very worth it all. Just imagining her sweet face and all the newborn snuggling we'll soon be doing, makes me giddy. Bri and I feel immensely blessed, not only to be given this child, but by all the friends who have showered us with love in the last few months. 


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