Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Lovely Shower for Sissy...

I feel like I'll be playing a lot of catch-up here on the blog, since Sissy came early! Now that I'm pretty much nursing around the clock, usually with my iphone in hand... I might as well blog, right?
I've been dying to show y'all some pictures of the sweet shower my dear friend, Casey, threw a few weeks before our baby girl arrived! She also co-hosted a beautiful shower when Lovebug was born HERE.

The food table was absolutely gorgeous... as I had expected. Vintage linens, striped paper straws in mason jars, angel food cupcakes, lots of yummy treats! I loved the tiny chalkboards!
Casey has amazing style. I took a few pictures of her gorgeous house in the city during the shower, but I'll need a whole post just to show you all the DIY and vintage goodness!
I felt so loved and blessed by having my sweet friends and family spoil Sissy like they did for Lovebug. We felt very supported through this pregnancy... reminders of God's grace in our lives.
I so want my sweet girl to know the love and anticipation that we felt for her even before she was born. Sweet gifts and things that are just for HER, since she will be receiving a lot of things second-hand as the little sister.
There were clothespins handed out as we arrived, and when we said Baby, they were stolen away... guess who lost hers first? That would be me. My life seems to be deeply centered around my babies these days. That's the way I like it. 
There's Case, along with other sweet ladies. It was such a nice afternoon of chatting, and eating and opening gifts. I love these women, and the way they live life along side us.
My girl was being read to by Casey's Mama. She's been a long time friend and mentor in my life and I'm so thankful to be raising my girls around her now. 
Lovebug was such a good little helper! I wanted her to be a part of all the preparation for Sissy to get her excited and to keep her aware of the coming change. She did so well! She'd say "for Sissy" after each gift was opened.  
My sis, Mama, Me and my Girls. Thank you Casey for a wonderful shower!  

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