Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just last week I told Bri that I couldn't believe it was ALREADY Friday... ha. Apparently as soon as I said that, time stopped dead in it's tracks, because this Mama feels like it was supposed to be Friday yesterday and the day before that too! Amen? Our days have been full of the good kind of busy, and of sweet moments, but I'm also ready for the slow pace of a weekend and maybe a little extra rest. Here's a little peek into what I've been up to...

She hasn't taken a morning nap in like 5 months, but she
passed out on me 5 min before we left for lunch... precious. 

So much fun throwing a shower for my cousin...that post HERE.
Happy mail from Little Light Prints! LOVE Carly's work!
A Sunset walk with my little toddler... my sweet girl
makes me so very happy.
Napping on Mama while I do my Bible Study!
It's a good one y'all! Follow along HERE.
My baby sister turned 25! We had to celebrate with a
Mint Chocolate Chip birthday cake! Yum.
Auntie and her Lovebug. Their relationship melts my heart.
Have a wonderful weekend y'all!
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  1. i love your pennant banner's. i've been "making" a fabric one all summer, maybe this will inspire me to finish it! your little one is adorable! happy friday!

  2. that is the ideal way to do your bible study. i miss those days.

  3. Your shower looks gorgeous! And your little girl is precious... adorable. Here's to a great weekend! Nicky