Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And then she was a toddler...

My sweet girl is growing, and learning and keeping me in awe. She came into my life 15 months ago and has made life so much sweeter. She uses new words everyday and runs through the house giggling and yelling for Dada or Mama. She used a fork to scoop up her own mac n cheese at dinner last night and points to the TV and says "Minnie, Pwees."

She serves me tea with her tea set and kisses her babies. I fall more and more in love with her every day. She is such a cuddler... spending hours wrapped up in a cozy quilt on the couch with Mama on these recent cold days, and happily tagging along where ever we go together. As long as she's dragging her monkey behind her, she's ready to take on the world.

She brushes her four tiny teeth with Mama each morning, and piles up all the pillows so she can nestle among them to watch Elmo while I get ready. She picked out a tiny white pumpkin at Trader Joe's last week and carried it around for hours, showing everyone who came over her precious pumpkin... so proud.

She has so much personality- equal parts strong-willed, and tender-hearted. I look at her and see pieces of both Bri and I, and it makes me want a dozen more little ones pitter-pattering across our wood floors. I want to collect all her little kisses and save them forever. I love my tiny toddler.

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  1. This truly warmed my heart!
    She is such a great source of joy.
    'Love her more and more each day.

    You are such a wonderful mama!