Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picture Project: The last 4 weeks!

Well folks, baby girl is a year old! I can't believe how fast it went! She's so very grown up, and although I want to cry sometimes wondering where my tiny baby went, I love her more and more each day. Bri and I are so proud of her and we just can't get enough of our sweet Lovebug!

On Fathers day, she FINALLY got her 1st tooth! We went out to lunch after church and on the drive home I felt it! It's still the only one she has, but it didn't seem to bother her too much, so I'm not too worried. She also tried a bottle of cow's milk for the first time that day.. she loved it and has had a little each day since then. I'm not really looking forward to the fact that she's beginning to wean... I'll miss that special cuddle time when it's gone.

She's picked up all kinds of new skills recently... shape sorting, holding her own bottles, sippys & smoothie pouches, running, stirring with a spoon and bowl, climbing stairs, block stacking, etc. She's also tried almost everything we eat and still loves it ALL! She can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and toes when asked. On her birthday, we asked her how old she was and taught her to hold up her finger for "One!" It's adorable and she does it all the time now and then beams with pride!

There were 55 people including kiddos and babies at her 1st birthday party... it was so overwhelming to have so many people celebrate our sweet girl! There will definitely be a post soon to recap all the DIY and crafty party goodness! Lovebug daintily picked at her cake... just like I thought she would!

We took a trip to the lake this past weekend and she did great driving down and back! Slept the whole way! Unfourtunately, she was up every few hours all night, everynight... which has us a bit worried about the trip to San Diego next week! At home, she's still sleeping about 8:30-7:30 or so.... and nursing once in the middle of the night.

She had her 1yr checkup... baby girl weighs in at a whopping 16lb 9oz! She's reaching all the 18mo skills and a few 24mo skills too... her Dr. was pretty impressed.

She got an adorable a frame tent from my BFF, and a Play Gym from my parents for her birthday... so our basement family room is now officially a playroom, full to the brim with toys! She runs around playing for hours and climbs her slide and the tunnels squeeling with joy.

I'm so excited to see what this next year holds for our Lovebug! Here are her last 4 weekly pictures...

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  1. I could look at sweet lovebug's photos all day...but really, I'd rather just drive down the road and spend more time with her. :) Thanks for letting me play with my niece so much this summer. You and bro have done such a fantastic job raising her thus far, and I know you will only continue to grow as parents!