Saturday, June 16, 2012

Picture Project: Weeks 45-48

Oh Lovebug... our sweet baby girl's birthday is around the corner and we're in full planning mode around here! I can't believe what a little baby toddler she is! Walking around all over the place... it keeps her very busy. She seems to always have a mission and knows where's she's going and what she wants! If she can't reach something, she holds her hand out or points until she gets it. She's so dainty... always sitting down so gracefully. She such a little lover...hugging and kissing her stuffed animals and carrying them around everywhere. Most of them are bigger than her which is hilarious. She's a year old in 2 weeks and we definitely bought a 3-6mo size dress for her party! Tiny little walking baby doll, who thinks she's a big girl... that's my child.

Every morning, Brian brings her in after he eats breakfast with her and they wake me up with hugs and kisses! She squeals "Mama!" and tackles me... I think my heart melts into a puddle every time and it's the BEST way to wake up!

She's completely obsessed with Peas. Yes folks, my child is a self-proclaimed health-nut! She would rather eat fruits and veggies all day over anything else! She typically eats all the peas on her tray and throws the pasta/bread/cheese/meat onto the floor. It's lovely. At least I don't have to worry about her being healthy... but eat some calories girl friend!

She plays with her little kitchen her Auntie got her ALL the time. She stirs with her spoon and cup and offers what she's made to Mama. She's also trying to get into the cupboards while I cook... so we put her dishes in the bottom drawer and now she gets out bowls to play with while I'm busy in the kitchen.

She can put circles, triangles, and squares in the right holes in her shape sorter, she can point to eyes, nose, mouth, and hair and learns more every day! She claps when we ask her questions to mean "yes". She'll respond to "All done?", "more?", "hungry?", "snack?" "watch Elmo?" "Mickey?" and a bunch of other questions.
We've been keeping busy so far this summer. We spend lots of time with my sister and Lovebug is obsessed with her! If I say "Naenae's coming over..." she starts looking around and yelling "Nae-nae!" We've taken her to the water park and swimming a couple times and she absolutely loves it! Our little water baby!

I'm loving this age... each one seems to be more fun and exciting! Our sweet girl has got us ready for many more little ones running around this house!

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  1. You and Bro are so good at raising Hannah. She's such a delight to spend my summer days with (as are you). Go ahead and get the next bun in the oven! :) I know, I know... have to wait a few months or so.

    Love you!