Friday, June 8, 2012


Another Friday folks, and we've been keeping busy around the Edwards household! Painting, painting and more painting... we might seriously be professionals by the time we're done getting all these walls done! Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for Lovebug's 1st birthday party, trying to make some Summer memories and keep up with all the normal Mama duties... whew!

Baby girl loves to read. Pat the Bunny is her current favorite.

Taking evening walks with Auntie Naenae... ah summer.

Date night with my Hubby... I'm a happy girl!

Sick little girl... watching Elmo & Cuddling helps.

A little Sunshine with her Daddy made her feel better too. 

So excited to use all these gorgeous vintage linens for Lovebug's 1st Birthday!
Thank You Dreamy Vintage Sheets on Etsy!

A day at the Waterpark with the girls... She loved the lazy river... that's my girl!

BLT with Avacado, potato salad & fresh fruit... I LOVE Summer time meals!

My sister finally got my to try the green smoothies... not too bad I must admit!
This one has frozen mango, pineapple, a banana, yogurt, and SPINACH... so weird.

I'm glad the TV is above the fireplace...
she'd stand right in front of it to see ELMO... her BFF.

Have a great weekend y'all!
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