Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet little Hoop Art...

I am so stinkin' excited that I found a quick and easy, and RELAXING way to get my craft on after little Lovebug goes to bed! I've been following Allison from Little Lovelies for a while now, and was so inspired by her "Pinned it, did it" posts. I had also pinned  an ADORABLE hoop art embroidery project a while ago HERE, and thought it seemed pretty simple. I so badly wanted a project that I could actually complete between chasing down my fast crawling baby, nursing her, and keeping up with the rest of the million things I try to get done in 24hrs. Well... done.

Here's what I used:

I used 100% wool felt that I bought on Etsy HERE
Leftover fabric from the NURSERY
Felt buttons that I had from Hobby Lobby
El Cheapo linen towels (for embroidering) from Hobby Lobby
2 colors of embroidery thread
oh... and a hot glue gun (forgot that for the picture)

I used a drop of hot glue to attach the felt to my fabric so it wouldn't move while I stitched it... LOVE that tip from Allison! Using the blanket stitch was super simple and very relaxing. I loved stitching while watching TV with the Hubby. I used the backstitch for the words... also very easy for a beginner! To make the yo-yo's I used THIS tutorial... so quick and super cute for all kinds of projects. The felt rosettes were made by rolling strips of wavy-cut felt scraps. I also used the hot-glue gun to attach those. Just two evenings later, I had a pretty cute little piece of art for my baby girl's NURSERY.

and here it is on the wall...

I love the feeling of acomplishing something. Especially when it's so sweet. Do y'all have any quick and easy crafting projects?


  1. Love this! I am so craft-challenged. I found you from your comment on O My I snuck over here to meet you. ;-) I am also trying to lose baby weight, except mine is 2 years old!! AGH!!!'re not alone girl! Your baby girl is adorable and I'm loving your craftiness! Nice to meet you!