Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day... Instagramed.

I know I'm a little late with the recap, but hey- that's what happens when life gets busy, and to make it even easier... let's just admit that iPhone pics are the ONLY kind I take these days...

My Valentine's actually started the Saturday before, when my super sweet Husband & my best friend's Husband suprised us with a Spa Day... it was so very lovely. Fluffy white robes with slippers, being waiting on and massaged, and pampered... I hope there's a spa in heaven.

 I was really super excited for Valentine's day this year, and although I always enjoy dark chocolate and sweet gifties from the Hubby, I was especially excited to share this day with our little family. The night before, I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some supplies to make some quick garland, inspired by THIS Pleated Poppy Post.

The next morning, I made us Red Velvet Pancakes from THIS recipe... they were soo rich, but good, but soo bad for us! The best kind of breakfast I think.

Brian went a little crazy on gifts for Lovebug... we decided that since the "real meaning" of Valentine's Day is LOVE, there would be no harm in spoiling her to death. The best part? He bought a whole box of Winnie the Pooh valentines, just to fill one out and give it to her. He's such an amazing Daddy, and an example of exactly the kind of man I want for her one day.

I got a little cheesy this year and used THIS idea from 30days. I gave Bri a simple, inexpensive gift with sentimental meaning on the :14 of each hour all morning/afternoon. It was a fun way to keep the day filled with celebration!

At 12:14, he opened a box of Mac n Cheese (what he made for me on our 1st Valentine's day when we were 18.) While we ate our oh-so-gourmet lunch, he opened his "big" gift... Aluminum Instagram prints from Postalpix. I'm super excited to show you the display I've got planned for these beauties in his future office! Here's the large 8 x 10 (so mushy, i know)

My gift this year was a beautiful necklace from Lisa Leonard that I will treasure forever! He's seriously the best at giving gifts and ALWAYS outdoes mine... I have to say I love that about him.

After gifts, we got all dressed up headed off to watch his Auntie get married on the Plaza... such a lovely way to spend a day all about LOVE! It was a gorgeous wedding and we had lots of time spent with family and the people we love most!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Adorable...I love everything about your sweet Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Let's talk about how darling that packaging is.... oh. my. love it!

  3. Hi stopping by from InstaFriday! Looks like y'all had a great Valentine's day! Love the necklace, lucky lady!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


  4. So so sweet.. all of the little gifts for your girl. Love the idea of gifts on the :14 of every hour. Fun!

  5. Wow! Your husband gives amazing gifts- lucky lady!

  6. you have one amazing hubby! spa day and a lisa necklace?! lucky girl you are!

  7. So sweet. Love the way that Bro spoils you and lovebug! You did quite a great job of spoiling your hubby as well.

  8. what a fantastic week. I love the little gifts on the :14 what fun!