Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So here's where we're at...

So I've been feeling super blessed recently by all the amazing encouragement that has been all over the blogosphere... seriously everywhere! I posted THIS post, and then it was like every Mommy Blogger I follow posted that they sometimes feel that way too... and it really made me feel good. Some days will be rough... but it's always been WAY worth it all in the end. I also recieved a message from another Mom friend that gave me such peace and encouragement... she COMPLETELY got it, and it was so refreshing.

I feel like I spend a lot of time worrying about what to blog, and writing perfect posts with pretty pictures, etc. Lately I've been feeling like the whole "write down your life" movement is the way to go... so along with yummy food, craftyness, and ooodles of Baby cuteness, I'm also gonna start a bit more talking about the everyday around here. Is that okay with y'all? Because after all... "the path to homemaker extraordinaire" is anything but perfect and I feel like there are a whole lot of Mamas out there who can relate to the journey I'm currently taking.

So here's what's new in the Edwards household...

1. We're sleep-training our little Lovebug. This is the HARDest thing I've had to do as a Mama so far. I've talked to soo many people and read EVERY. SINGLE. article/book/website about the subject. I honestly NEVER want to speak of it again. We're doing it OUR way, and we prayed long and hard about how to get the little chickie some sleep (and us too) and it's WORKING. ThankyouLordJesus.

2. Since I've had a bit of rest... I need to get busy! I've worked out once a week for 3 weeks and I'm pretty sure that's not really going to help me lose the baby weight. So unless I would like to spend approx 1 day at my healthy weight before getting pregnant again... it's time to make it happen!

3. Now that my child actually sleeps, I had a moment (the first in 7 months) where I actually thought "What should I do right now?" It was ground breaking I tell ya! I'm pretty sure the ol' sewing machine is finally going to get some much needed attention and there will be happy projects finally moving from by Pinterest board to getting DONE!

4. We are FINALLY going to start the HOUSE HUNT! It's been 8 months in this "temporary" apartment and I'm sooo very ready to have some space! I've been tripping over toys and baby contraptions and tip-toeing around keeping baby quiet for Bri (while he works from home) and us quiet for Lovebug (while she sleeps) and climbing 3 sets of stairs up to 3 times a day! Although I'll be a bit sad to leave Hannah's first Nursery behind, this Mama is getting EXCITED to find our first house! With 4 moves in 2 years, I DREAD the actual process of moving, but this will hopefully be our LAST move for a very long time.

So that's that. What do y'all wanna hear about next? Any burning questions?

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