Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Project Weeks 29-32!

Well y'all, little Miss Lovebug is sure keeping this Mama on her toes lately! She's crawling so fast that I blink and she's in another room! Gone are the days of playing on a quilt on the living room floor... she'll be off headed for the kitchen the minute i put her down. She talks all the time now, saying lots of new sounds... it's precious! Bri and I about died when we saw her standing up in her crib 3 weeks ago! She pulls up on everything, and pushes our hands away "I got this Mama"... and then she falls over... and then she tries it again. We have a feeling she's gonna be one stubborn little girl! We figured out what her little "sign" meant... when she open and closes her right hand quickly she's saying "I want..." we can't belive how fast she's growing up! Her favorite new food are her Happy Baby puffs... she ate 30 of them in one sitting the second time I gave 'em to her! She also really likes the Happy Baby yogurt drops. She's still loving all the different kinds of fruits & veggies, and she eats them twice a day with cereal. She's been so hungry since the crawling started! This is definitely a first for our little skinny minny! The biggest deal around this house is that Lovebug SLEEPS! After a very long sleep drought, we finally got baby girl to sleep in her sweet little crib with all the handmade bedding her Mama sewed and she SLEEPS!

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