Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big News!

Well folks... I told you I'd be back, and with some very exciting news too! Bri and I are so happy to announce that there will be a little Baby Edwards here by the end of next June!

Baby Edwards' first picture!

We are more than excited about this wonderful news! It's been so hard keeping it a secret until our first sonogram! All I've ever wanted was to be a wife and mommy, and I am feeling so very very blessed right now! I wake up every morning and wonder if it was all a very good dream!

I'm a little over 9 weeks along, and have had some pretty major morning all day sickness. I'm tired a lot, and definitely haven't felt like cooking. Most food smells & pictures make me nauseated... thus the lack of posts on recipes! Bri has been so stinkin' wonderful! He graciously stepped in to help get groceries, and clean up the house. He's been so understanding with my crazy cravings, food aversions, and general lack of energy.

These pesky first-trimester symptoms will be more than worth it when we get to hold our sweet little baby in the spring!

So until further notice ... it's saltines and Sprite for me... and a big ol' smile that won't go away! :)


  1. OMG congrats to a fellow June mommy to be! I'm due June 8th!

    The morning/all day sickness sucks sooo bad! I'm 13 weeks today and feeling better, so hopefully you start to feel better really soon! I hope you have a healthy, smooth pregnancy! :)

  2. June is probably the best month ever in which to be born.

  3. i was really hoping for an april baby. i guess june will work too... love you!!! i'm sorry you feel a little icky. but like you said, it's totally worth it :)

  4. I'm so excited to be an aunt. There are no words for the joy of it all!

    I hope you get to feeling better VERY VERY soon. I want you to get to enjoy this pregnancy of yours.

    'Blessed indeed!

  5. WOW! Congrats so happy for you!

  6. YAY!!! It's blog official!!!! :) I'm excited to be an aunt too Renee!! We're going to be some of the best aunts EVER!!!

  7. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm SO SO excited for you!!!! I can empathize with the whole morning sickness thing :( Just do what you have to survive (yes, even if it's Coke and fries for the first 13 weeks!)

    You are SO blessed to have a little life growing inside of you, even in the trials, enjoy every moment!!!